Financial Aid  

Special Circumstances

Unusual circumstances, such as loss of employment or private elementary or high school tuition, may affect your need for student financial aid. If you feel the information submitted on the FAFSA does not reflect your current situation, you may submit the appropriate documentation for us to determine the effect of these circumstances on your financial aid eligibility.
Income Changes
If you have income changes due to change of employment, one-time income, change in child support, death of a parent or spouse, or a change in marital status, please complete the Special Circumstances Form and return to the Financial Aid Office at Aquinas with the required documentation listed for your situation.
Elementary/Secondary School Tuition

Please provide an official statement (on school letterhead) verifying the actual out-of-pocket amount that you/your parents are expected to pay for tuition only (exclude books and fees) during 2015/2016. The statement from the school must include the name of each student it covers. (If the tuition rates have not yet been established for 2015/2016, we can use a statement using 2014/2015 tuition rates. Be sure the statement does not include any current high school senior.)

Be sure to include the student's name and Social Security Number with any documentation and return to:
Office of Financial Aid, Aquinas College,
1607 Robinson Road SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49506