Financial Aid  

Michigan Aid Programs

The Competitive Scholarship
The State of Michigan Competitive Scholarship program provides awards based on financial need, which may be used only for tuition and fees. Since awards are determined by standard financial need analysis procedure, you must release a copy of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid to the State of Michigan. The Scholarship awards may be renewed each year if you remain in good academic standing, continue to show financial need, and remain a legal resident of Michigan.
The American College Testing Service (ACT) examination is the competitive examination for this program. You should take the exam in the spring of your junior year in high school.
Incoming freshmen should apply by February 15, and upperclassmen and transfer students should apply by March 15.
Tuition Grants
The State of Michigan Tuition Grant program is designed to assist those students who prefer to attend a private, nonprofit college or university. You may be eligible for a grant, which may be used for tuition and fees, depending on financial need as determined by a released copy of your FAFSA. You must indicate Aquinas as your first-choice school. To be eligible, you must be a legal resident of Michigan and be enrolled or accepted as a student at a private nonprofit college.
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