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Annual Fund Co-Chairs

Annual Fund Co-Chairs '12-'13

The Co-Chairs of the Annual Fund are alumni who have generously volunteered to assist in our efforts for a three year term. Collaborating efforts with them have helped in gaining new insight, ideas, and ultimately the most important thing, donors. Co-Chairs have displayed a devoted and ambitious interest in the improvement of the overall functioning and results of the Aquinas Fund, and do things such as build relationships with alumni, encourage involvement, and inspire others to make a gift. They also help by giving input on the past, present, and future ideas and events, and represent Aquinas in a variety of other areas.
Kim Holt '94

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"By some accounts, I’m a professional student, with a Master of Management (’94) and concluding a Master of Sustainable Business (spring ‘13). By all accounts, I believe that Aquinas has much more than a classroom education to offer, combining academic and real-world experiences for our graduates. I’ve personally seen how an Aquinas experience benefits graduates in the business world, and had many excellent and memorable experiences as a student, including a two-week trip to Costa Rica. I’ve also served on the Alumni Board and in other post-graduation capacities.

Aquinas has so much to offer traditional and non-traditional students alike. The commitment of the school and the faculty to create an environment that fosters learning across generations, disciplines and cultures is unparalleled, and deserves the best support our alumni and donors can provide.

As a parent who has put two children (as well as myself – several times now) through college, I understand the financial challenges families face, especially funding a private college education. I also understand the lifelong benefits of an Aquinas education – and am looking forward to making the AQ experience accessible to those who want it."

LeAnn Secord '05

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"I am a proud member of the Class of 2005 earning my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. My time at Aquinas College has more than prepared me for life in ways that I am still discovering.

It was at Aquinas that I discovered my professional passion; fundraising. I was a student worker in the Foundation Department learning and developing an appreciation for how much AQ supports and values its students. Through scholarships, enhancing learning environments and opportunities, employing inspiring and talented faculty, and so much more, AQ is truly a world-class educational institution. One of the most important things I learned working in the Foundation Department is that it is through the support and generosity of dedicated donors that AQ continues to evolve and grow as an exceptional educational environment.

Inspired by how generous and dedicated people can make a difference, I pursued a career in fundraising. I am presently the Annual Giving Coordinator for the Pilgrim Manor Foundation. In addition to that role, I am also a research assistant for Chase Park Grants, a contributing writer for Women's Lifestyle Magazine, an assignment reporter for, and a volunteer for West Michigan Therapy Dogs (along with my dog, Koda).

Honored and humbled to have been a scholarship recipient at Aquinas, I am thrilled for the opportunity to give back as a donor and now in this new role. It's truly great to be a saint!"

Brandon Heritier '15

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"My first thought of Aquinas when I was just a visiting senior in high school at the Spectrum Scholarship Competition was simple – this school has everything I want. Aquinas was a place where it was alright to be different, to be who you are, to be well rounded, and to be involved. After seeing Aquinas I knew this was the place; I wanted to be a Saint. What made it possible for me to attend Aquinas was the generosity of the donors who made receiving a scholarship possible. Receiving the Academic Leadership Scholarship was my ticket into Aquinas. I arrived in the fall and was blown away at the amount of energy that the students, faculty, and staff had at orientation.

It left me feeling excited and even more ready to get involved with the campus. In February I took drastic step and ran for the Student Senate Chair position and was elected. Being sworn in April 2012 I made a promise to myself to make the Aquinas campus a continued success in providing for students and helping to ensure high school students can attend this university. Part of this included the donation of $1000 of my stipend that I receive for being the Student Senate Chair. After the donation, I was asked to co-chair the Aquinas Fund as a representative from the student sector. I am proud to be a member of the Aquinas Fund team and glad to be able to help give back to the school that I knew would help take me on the path I wanted to take and make me into the person I wanted to be."

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