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Annual Fund: A Worthwhile Investment

We value your unique experiences
For this reason, we have created a more flexible and varied option for your gift. The Annual Fund Family of Funds allows YOU to determine the direction of your gift. With each specific directive, you can contribute to the programs that best align with your personal passions for the College. These gifts will then be put to their best use, going to the greatest need within that directive. Designed to reflect the core values of Aquinas College, the Foundation office is excited to offer the Family of Funds: Faith, Learning, Service and Community.
Faith. At Aquinas we are committed to an environment that combines knowledge with spirituality. Our catholic faith leads us deeper into the truth needed to live out God's call for us in the world.
Learning. Aquinas College students stand out because of thier commitment to learning. With a choice of over 61 degree programs in undergraduate, contuniing education and graduate studies, Aquinas appeals to students of all ages and interests.
Many students choose Aquinas College because of its forcus on service. Throughout the years on campus, students learn to lead by example, treat each other with respect and put the needs of others before their own.
An education at Aquinas occurs in and outside of the classroom. students build lifelong friendships participating in student clubs, on-campus events and study-abroad programs.

Nearly 90% of Aquinas students are on scholarships provided by the college, totaling more than $19 million each year. The annual giving family of funds supports faculty and staff through the school's operating budget. Additionally, the annual fund also strives to continue to provide bright, worthy students with help for their financial needs while at Aquinas. Without the Annual Fund, many students would not be able to attend.

Please consider how you can make a difference and support the Annual Fund at Aquinas College.