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Annual Fund: A Worthwhile Investment

Making Catholic liberal arts education affordable.
About the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund strives to continue to provide bright, worthy students with financial aide. Without this scholarship fund, many students would not be able to attend the College.


  • Aquinas provides more than $19 million in scholarships every year.


  • Nearly 90% of Aquinas students are on scholarship provided by the college.


  • 20% of our students are the first generation in their family to attend college. Your donation can affect the lives of an entire family.


  • Over 80% of graduates are Michigan residents upon entering college. After graduation, over 70% of students stay in Michigan. An Annual Fund gift gives to more than just a single student; it’s a gift back to the community.

A Testimonial from a Saint:


"As a parent who has put two children (as well as myself – several times now) through college, I understand the financial challenges families face, especially funding a private college education. I also understand the lifelong benefits of an Aquinas education – and am looking forward to making the AQ experience accessible to those who want it."

- Kim Holt, '94


>More information about the Annual Fund Co-Chairs

The 2013-2014 Brochure


>Download the brochure (pdf)

My name is Sam Klee. Here at Aquinas, my liberal arts education aims to form the whole human person, and in doing so prepares me for a variety of options in the “real world” after graduation. The financial support of benefactors is what makes the experience of a college education possible for me and many other students. Such support is greatly appreciated, and I thank those who are making my time at Aquinas a reality.


Would you consider a gift to Aquinas this year? Every gift counts and may help Aquinas College become a reality for other students. If you are a new donor, for a gift of $25 or more, the Wege Foundation will add a $200 impact to your donation for the Annual Fund. >Donate online now


Thank you,

Sam Klee, Class of ‘16

>Read more about Sam


The Annual Fund Slide Show


The Annual Fund Committee, together with AQ alumni, put together a slide show that encompasses the mission of the Annual Fund.

We hope our enthusiasm about Aquinas College will inspire you to give to the Annual Fund and help support AQ student scholarships!

>>View the slide show


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Aquinas Fund
Current Campaigns
Because it takes an entire community to help provide the students at Aquinas College with a quality liberal arts education, the Annual Fund has many campaigns happening at once. Please click any of the links or graphics below to learn more about each of these groups that are helping to make all the difference in the world.
Saints 4 Ever

Saints For Scholarships



Your gift makes all the difference in the world. Invest in the Annual Fund today!
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2011 - 2012 Annual Fund Revenues and Expenses:
The Annual Fund team is committed to working to make a Catholic liberal arts education more affordable. To learn more about the Annual Fund, please contact us at any time. Also, to receive timely news and information, be sure to check out our social media sites! To make a gift to the Annual Fund online, click here.
Kate Davis

Kate Davis

Senior Director of Foundation Operations and Annual Giving

(616) 632-2817