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Introducing the Aquinas College Foundation's New Family of Funds

The new family of funds will allow you to determine the direction of your gift, creating more flexibility and varied options within the Annual Fund for your donation. With each specific directive, you can contribute to the programs that best align with your personal passions for the College. These gifts will then be put to their best use, funding the greatest need within each directive.


The Aquinas College NEW Family of Funds

Faith Directive: will support programs such as:

  • Campus chaplain
  • Weekly masses
  • Campus ministry retreats

Learning Directive: will support programs such as:

  • Faculty support
  • Academic learning
  • Classroom and campus improvements and maintenance

Service Directive: will support programs such as:

  • Service learning
  • Career and counseling
  • Technology

Community Directive: will support programs such as:

  • Campus life
  • Continuing education programs
  • International programs

Unrestricted Directive: this fund will support the College's greatest need

  • Allows the College to direct the gifts to where they are most needed


Current employees, click here for payroll deduction form.


To learn more, contact the Annual Fund Staff:

Associate Director of Annual Giving, Vicki Bouwkamp, (616) 632-2818 or

Senior Director of Foundation Operations and Annual Giving , Kate Davis, (616) 632-2817 or