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Introducing Saints for Scholarships - Our New Student Philanthropy Group

Saints For Scholarships


The Saints4Scholarships club works to promote and educate students on the importance of philanthropy and how this affects the scholarships they receive as students.  By teaching students about giving back, our mission is ultimately to grow our alumni spirit and support while simultaneously connecting students and alumni in one common cause. Aquinas College will flourish with the help of all of our Faithful Saints. 


Special Thanks:

We're so excited to get more students involved with The Annual Fund and raise awareness of our cause. The Annual Fund works hard to provide student scholarships and our club works to promote and educate about the importance of giving. Special thanks to all involved and all who helped to get us started!

Chair of Student Senate: Brandon Heritier, Class of 2015



"My name is Brandon Heritier and this is my story.  It comes from a personal place and works to shed light on the events that led to my decision to donate $1,000 to the Annual Fund.


My family’s financial challenges started when I was just five years old and by the time I was 10 I was working with my grandfather in his tire recycling factory.  My younger brother and I would work the whole summer to help our mom pay the bills.  Though this is not an ideal situation, my grandfather taught both of us what it is like to work hard and to keep going in situations that might not always be very pleasant.


Around the time I started high school my mom made a selfless decision; she realized the importance of education and extra-curricular events and made sure we were concentrating on these instead of working.  She continued to work 60 to 70 hour weeks, fighting her hardest to give us the best opportunities possible.  Even when she had every excuse to quit, my mother kept her head above water.  She showed all of us even in the darkest days that you just have to work hard and things will work out.  “God would never close a door without opening a window,” Mom said.  I watched for years as my mother worked up to three jobs at a time to keep our house in our possession and to be sure her kids would get a decent education and a shot at a better life.


I learned a lot from her lessons; I worked hard and saw it pay off when I received several scholarships from Aquinas College.  One specifically made an impact on me because it came from an elderly woman who had saved all her money.  She wanted to reward hard work in her community by funding a scholarship that would make a college education possible for those who might not have the means to do so on their own.  I was one of a lucky 16 to receive a $20,000 scholarship from Ms. Jean M.R. Smith. 


Because of the generosity of others and their commitment to repay hard work, my entire education at Aquinas is almost completely paid for. A young-man who came from a very poor household can now afford to go to a private-four year college, virtually debt free.  I am starting this scholarship as a way to show that I support those who are coming to Aquinas who might not have had the best situation, but have worked hard to get here and will work hard to stay here. My education was made possible by the generosity of others; it is only right that when I am in a position to help somebody else in the same way, I do it.  And because I learned this at the hand of my mom, I am naming the scholarship after her, Amy Jo A. Klama."

President: Margaret Kosla, Class of 2013



"I love working with the Aquinas Community. It allows me to make a difference in my education as well as the education of others. The feeling of being able to help out someone else is something you never forget.


The best memory I have of Aquinas occurs every time I step on campus. I'm filled with an at home feeling. It's wonderful to walk through campus and be greeted by everyone, even if you don't know. Aquinas offers the at home feeling to its students, while providing them with many opportunities."

Student Advisor: Jason Ardelean, Class of 2014      


"I enjoy working with the Aquinas team, because I know that I am having the opportunity to connect and help make a difference so that others can advance their education. Knowing that I can help make a little bit of a difference is great, because these individuals that we are helping are going to be the future leaders in this community, state, country, and world.

A fond memory of Aquinas, was stepping onto the ice for our very first hockey game, and hearing all of the students be excited, and the crowd roaring. It was great to know that all of the Aquinas community was excited, and behind us. Walking around the beautiful campus that Aquinas has, I have that same feeling of excitement, Aquinas gives you that hometown feeling, in the big city atmosphere just a short ways away. Aquinas feels like home, and everyone knows each other, this is one of the best places to grow; not only as a student in your educational endeavors, but as person and learning to be a leader."
What Our Students Are Grateful For: A Photo Contest
During the Saints4Scholarships' 2013 Tag Week, students throughout campus were asked to take photos of things that they were grateful for on campus. After receiving many photos, we would like to thank each participant for their unique work. Also, we'd like to announce the winner, Anna Kelly, for her photo of the trees on campus! Congratulations!
The Winner!

-Anna Kelly


This photo, done by Anna Kelly is the winner of the photo contest! Congratulations!

"I am thankful that money was donated to build Jarecki-Lacks Hall and the rest of the library. This photo was taken in the study area in JLH, near the conference room."


-Karen Havens


"I am grateful for the AMC where I spend my time painting and developing photographs!"


-Lane Hokanson

"I am grateful for anyone who has donated to Aquinas and everyone who is going to donate to Aquinas. In this picture, there is Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center and also the lot where Phase II will be thanks to donors!"


-Madeleine Burns


Co-Advisor:  Jannine Guyeskey, '08

Manager of Foundation Relations & Engagement

 (616) 632-2173



Co-Advisor: Ariel Timm, '12

Manager of Donor Relations & Stewardship

(616) 632-2453



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