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Reflection Award 2013: Honoring James P. Hackett

Celebrating Commitment
The Aquinas College Reflection Award is given annually to an individual who reflects the values of Aquinas College: faith, learning, service and community.

James P. Hackett

James P. Hackett

The 2013 Reflection Award Honoring James P. Hackett was held on Thursday, October 3, 2013 in the Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center


For more information, please contact:
Kate Davis

Senior Director of the Aquinas Fund

(616) 632-2817





Honorary Committee Co-Chairpersons

Mr. Hendrik Meijer Mr. Stephen Van Andel Ms. Michelle Van Dyke
Honorary Committee
John and Micki Benz Art And Betsey Hasse Julie Ridenour
John and Marie Canepa Earl and Donnalee Holton Luis A. Tomatis and Gretchen Minnhaar
David and Judy Frey Mike and Sue Jandernoa Kate Pew Wolters
Photo Gallery: 2013 Reflection Award
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0307   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0378
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0314   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0390
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0317   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0393
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0321   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0394
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0323   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0396
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0346   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0400
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0354   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0407
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0355   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0429-2
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0356   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0462
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0359   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0473
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0362   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0476
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0365   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0492
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0367   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0494
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0369   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0498
AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0375   AQ_Reflection2013_Hackett_0509













2013 Reflection Award Gala


Past Reflection Award Recipients:

2012 - Philip H. McCorkle, Jr.
2011 - Mr. Ralph W. Hauenstein
2011 - Sr. Mary Aquinas Weber, O.P. '58
2011 - Mr. Peter M. Wege
2010 - Mrs. Joan Secchia
2009 - Juan R. Olivarez, Ph.D. '71
2008 - Mr. Charles and Mrs. Stella Royce
2007 - No award was given.
2006 - Mr. Robert R. Israels
2005 - Mr. Jim McKay '82 & Mrs. Mary Caroline (Twink) Frey
2004 - Ms. Kate P. Wolters '78
2003 - Mr. Martin J. Allen, Jr
2002 - Mr. Peter C. & Ms. Emajean (Pat) Cook
2001 - Dr. Luis A. Tomatis
2000 - Mr. John Jackoboice
1999 - Mrs. Sally Gleason
1998 - Mr. Peter M. Wege
1997 - Mr. Clare Jarecki
1996 - Mr. John C. Canepa
1995 - Mr. Raymond E. Knape
1994 - Mr. John W. Cummiskey
1993 - Sr. Mary Aquinas Weber, O.P. '58