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  General Education  

Gen Ed Assessment


In addition to the assessment of General Education courses within their academic departments or programs, the college has developed and implemented a General Education Assessment Plan that includes the administering of the following  measures:

  • The ETS Proficiency Profile, a standardized test and a direct assessment of students’ critical thinking, writing, reading and mathematics skills in the context of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.¬† The profile is administered to a random sample of freshman and seniors each year.
  • A student survey completed for each course that has a General Education designation, an indirect assessment regarding students’ perception of whether they felt key values-oriented goals like ethics, social responsibility, cultural diversity, and spirituality were addressed in the course.
  • An Essay Evaluation Exercise for the General Education core courses of Inquiry and Expression, College Research Skills, and Humanities.¬† In this exercise a random sample of freshman and sophomore research essays are evaluated to gauge the development of research, writing, and/or critical thinking skills during students’ experience in the core courses.