Major Requirements

Thirty-two (32) semester hours which include GY101, 120, 140, 320, 385, either 490 or 491, 499, and either MS151 or MS252. Of the remaining courses, at least one must be systematic and one must be regional. Students must obtain a grade of "C" or higher if they want to count the class toward a geography major. A transfer student majoring in Geography must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in geography at Aquinas.

Minor Requirements
Twenty-four (24) semester hours which include GY101, 120 and 320.


GY101 Earth Environments (4) NL
Natural elements of environment and effects on humans: seasons, radiation, wind, moisture, climate, as well as landforms resulting from running water, ice, gravity, marine activities, and tectonic processes. Three hours lecture, two hours lab each week.
GY120 Human Geography (4) PGC GP
The geographic subfield of Human Geography discusses and interprets the role of human beings as they are distributed across the surface of the earth. This is a far-ranging field of inquiry that incorporates information from the social scientific realms of economics, sociology, political science, and anthropology into a spatial analysis of the world around us. Given the nature of this topic, this course will be introductory in nature and examine the breadth of cultural geographic thought.
GY129 Physical Geography of Michigan (3) NN
Detailed analysis of the physical characteristics of Michigan; emphasis on weather, land forms, geology, and environmental problems. Special Note: Not open to students with GY130 credit.
GY130 Geography of Michigan (3)
Analysis of physical and cultural environments of this politically defined area; emphasis on weather, climate, land forms, political, social, and economic features. Special Note: Not open to students with GY129 credit.
GY140 World Regional Geography (3) PGC GP
An introduction to human and physical geography by use of the world regional approach. Fundamental geographic concepts and ideas (regional economic development, global systems, spatial diffusion) are presented in different regional contexts.
GY212 Urban Geography (4)
Urban environment and landscape from a human perspective: the city as an economic environment, as a cultural place, as a political entity - policies and planning.
GY220 Advanced Physical Geography: Earth Environments (4)
In-depth study of selected topics introduced in GY101; emphasis on contemporary environmental situation. Four hours lecture each week, scheduled field trips. Prerequisite: GY101.
GY221 Advanced Cultural Geography: Contemporary Environments (4)
Analysis of cultural geographic relationships in selected major world regions; cultural processes, land-use patterns, and environmental interactions; American, European, and non-Western examples. Prerequisite: GY120.
GY264 Economic Geography (3)
Spatial distribution of economic features as they affect production, exchange, and consumption of goods and services: emphasis on locational theory regarding manufacturing and retail service centers.
GY270 Geographical Perspectives on Agriculture and Food Production (3)
Agriculture and food production, origins, evolution, and current patterns. Ecological analysis of traditional and modern agriculture and patterns of development in the U.S. and Third World.
GY302 Geography of U.S./Canada (3)
Study of United States and Canada considering regional differences in physical environment, resource base, population characteristics, and settlement patterns; emphasis on human response to environment. Prerequisite: GY120.
GY310 Special Topics in Geography (3)
Variable topic in geography offered on an occasional basis.
GY313 Advanced Urban Geography (Variable)
For those students who wish to further pursue topics discussed in GY212 as well as research areas of specific interest. Prerequisite: GY212.
GY320 Cartography: Map Making and Interpretation (4)
Cartographic design with emphasis on developing ability to communicate through maps and graphs; some computer graphics.
GY321 Advanced Cartography (Variable)
Advancing and refining skills acquired in GY320. Students develop areas of particular interest, expand their skills in the area of computer graphics. Prerequisite: GY320.
GY328 Field Experience in Geography (3)
A field experience with emphasis on the physical, cultural, economic, political, aspects of the area. Students can repeat the course if a new area is selected. Prerequisite: Instructors approval
GY350 Climatology/Meteorology (4)
Weather elements and introduction to world climatic characteristics and locations; applied climatology. Prerequisite: GY101 or instructor approval.
GY351 Advanced Climatology/Meteorology (Variable)
Advanced study of materials introduced in GY350. Students are encouraged to research topics of special interest. Prerequisite: GY350 or instructor approval.
GY352 Geomorphology (3)
The study of landform evolution through an analysis of natural and anthropogenic processes. Included in the analysis are glacial, fluvial, Aeolian, tectonic, and volcanic activities. Prerequisite: GY101.

GY360 Biogeography (3)

Biogeography is the study of species and how they are arranged upon the landscape. It explores both the distribution of plants and animals on the earth as well as the ecological processes that underlay those arrangements.
GY370 Geography of Water Resources (3)
Looks at the nature and distribution of water resources that our society depends upon. A sizeable portion of the course will detail the characteristics of the different sources of water as well as the myriad environmental and legal problems that arise from our usage of this resource. Prerequisite: GY101 or instructor approval.
GY385 Geographic Information Systems - GIS (4)
Geographic Information System fundamentals and theory are presented in a lecture format. Lab work focuses on applying GIS strategies and other geographic tools, such as aerial photo interpretation, spatial modeling, and spatial analysis to examine a variety of physical geography and human geography problems. Three hours lecture, three hours lab. Prerequisite: GY320.
GY398 Readings in Geography (Variable)
Individually negotiated program of readings on selected topic established by contract between instructor and student.
Contracts filed with Registrar. Prerequisite: Approval of the coordinator.
GY399 Independent Project (Variable)
Individually negotiated project of defined nature established by contract between instructor and student. Contracts filed with Registrar. Prerequisite: Approval of the coordinator.
GY413 Urban and Regional Planning (3)
Planning practices for urban areas; emphasis on urban growth, land use, and urban problems.
GY490 Advanced Techniques and Topics (4)
Theory and application of specific techniques in research; collection and analysis of data; specific topics vary with instructors.
Prerequisites: GY101 and GY120.
GY491 Seminar: Readings in the Development of Geographic Thought (3)
Survey of the literature dealing with history, philosophy, and structure of geography; emphasis on important people in geography, topics of interest to geographers and research in the disciplines.
GY499 Geography Capstone Research Seminar (1)
This is a research seminar where students implement the skills obtained during their study of Geography at Aquinas College. This course involved the implementation of research methods and techniques appropriate to each student's self-defined project. Introduction and application of skills necessary for successful written and oral presentation of geographical environmental research are included. The course is focused upon a sizeable student-defined research project that culminates the presentation of their work and a written thesis. Prerequisite: GY/EL490.