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Secondary Teachers and Administrators
As a secondary teacher and alumnus/alumna of Aquinas College, you have the opportunity to expose high school students to AQ in several ways. We hope that you not only communicate your collegiate experiences through the art of teaching, but also by sharing the personal stories that made your college education all that was. Through your talents as educator and your individual AQ experiences, students may consider looking into Aquinas for themselves.
One way students can discover if your alma mater is the place for them is by visiting campus. Students who visit campus will have a chance to hear from professors, mingle with current students, learn about extracurricular events, eat lunch in Wege and tour our beautiful campus. >>Learn more about our visit opportunities
In an effort to make a quality college education a reality for more students, we want to build our relationship with you. We would be happy to present in your classroom, or arrange for you to bring a group to campus for an AQ Day. We are also interested in hearing any ideas you may have on how we can better serve high school students.  To set up an admissions event or share a suggestion, please contact Stephanie Gerling at (616) 632-2850 or
As we get continue with our outreach to alumni teachers, we will keep you updated with events on campus as well as decked out in AQ gear. And if you know of other secondary educators who have not shared their story with us, please encourage them to do so!
>>More information on the Michigan Educators Grant brought to you by the Alumni Association