Athletic Training (B.S.)

The Athletic Training program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). As part of this program, students are required to complete 800 clinical hours under the direct supervision of a qualified allied health professional. Of those 800 clinical hours, a minimum of 200 clinical hours must be completed in an equipment intensive sport. Students will be rotated through a variety of different clinical settings including but not limited to the following: men's and women's individual sports, men's and women's team sports, clinical work (such as a hospital or rehabilitation clinic), and work in a high school, college or professional sport setting. In addition to the course work, students will be required to demonstrate their proficiency in the clinical skills needed for an entry-level Athletic Trainer to complete the major requirements.
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Athletic Training program at Aquinas College is to develop, through a planned curriculum of instructional and clinical components, qualified health care professionals. Aquinas College is dedicated to providing an educational experience which prepares athletic training students to sit for the Board of Certification exam, provide patient centered care based on evidence and confidently enter the profession of athletic training with a focus on leadership and service to others.
Goals and Objectives:

The goals and objectives of the Athletic Training program are to:

  • Incorporate in the student's educational experience, through a logical chain of progression, the skills and knowledge needed for an entry level Athletic Trainer. The dissemination of this knowledge is practiced through formal instruction, laboratory and clinical experiences.
  • Clinical education which follows a logical progression and strives to hone critical thinking and clinical decision making skills as well as justification skills utilizing an evidenced based practice approach.
  • Provide the students with a qualified and experienced faculty, clinical (preceptor) and administrative team.
  • Impart to the student skills that will enable the athletic training student (ATS) to react in a meaningful manner to a patient's emotional and
    psychological response to an injury.
  • Impart to the students a sense of professionalism and to instill in the ATS the NATA Code of Ethics and the importance of adhering to the code.
  • Assist the student in pursuing the most effective manner of relating and communicating with patients, coaches, parents, and fellow health
    care professionals.
  • Introduce students to activities which promote lifelong learning, an interest in research as well as promotion and service to the profession of
    athletic training.
Download: (pdf) >Recommendation Form >Freshman Application >Three-year pass rates
Major Requirements >Major Checklist (pdf) >Four year plan (pdf)
62 semester hours in the following plus senior clinical experience:
KN 149 fall only KN 349B fall only KN 440
KN 158 KN 350 spring only KN 449 fall only
KN 200 fall only KN 354 fall only KN 460 spring only
KN 249 spring only KN 356 fall only BY 155 fall only
KN 250 fall only KN 357 spring only BY 156 spring only
KN 251 fall only KN 360 spring of odd years only PG 100
KN 256 spring only KN 362 fall only PG 202
KN 257 spring only KN 365 spring only And completion of clinical proficiencies
KN 349A spring only KN 366 fall only  
For further description of the classes offered, please look in the course catalog.
Necessary for Program Admission: Aquinas College Athletic Training Program Technical Standards for Admission (pdf)
For a complete description of all admission standards, please look in the course catalog.
Program Director - JoAnne Gorant, Ph.D., AT, ATC: or (616) 632-2899
Clinical Coordinator - Deb Springer, MA, AT, ATC: or (616) 632-2897
For more information, fill out our online form or contact JoAnne at or (616) 632-2899.