Kinesiology Chair & Clinical Coordinator
Deb Springer Deb Springer, in addition to serving as Chair of the Kinesiology Department, serves as the Clinical Coordinator for the Athletic Training Education Program, which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Prior to coming to Aquinas College in 1999, Deb served as an assistant athletic trainer and instructor at Grand Valley State University for 15 years. She received her Bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and her Master's degree from Central Michigan University.

Deborah J. Springer, M.A., AT, ATC,
Athletic Training Program
Exercise Science

Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center 116
(616) 632-2897

Courses currently teaching:  
Athletic Training Courses First Aid
Kinesiology Medical Aspects of Athletics/PE
Physical Education Teaching Supervisor
Duane Ambrose Duane Ambrose Duane has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and a Master's Degree from Western Michigan University in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Wellness. Previously, Duane taught physical education in a K-8 setting. His goal at Aquinas College is to have a positive affect on more children through teaching prospective students the correct way to teach physical education. Duane completed his Doctor of Sport Management at the United States Sports Academy.
Duane Ambrose, Ph.D.
PE Teaching
Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center 110
(616) 632-2896
Courses currently teaching:  
Physical Ed. in the Elementary Schools
Phy. Act. for Special Populations
Community Health
Promoting and Funding Sport & Recreation
Methods & Measurement in Sec. Phy. Ed.
Sports Techniques and Research
Activity Courses
Athletic Training Education Program Director
Joanne Gorant JoAnne Gorant Prior to joining the faculty full-time in August 2004, JoAnne served Aquinas College as the Head Athletic Trainer and as an adjunct professor. JoAnne has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Ball State University, a Master's Degree in Exercise Science from Miami University in Ohio, and a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Western Michigan University.
JoAnne Gorant, Ph.D, AT, ATC
Athletic Training Program
Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center 114
(616) 632-2899
Courses currently teaching:  
Athletic Training Courses Nutrition for Sport Performance
Physiology of Exercise  
Sport Management Program Director
Heather Kesselring-Quakenbush Prior to joining the Kinesiology Department in 2008, Dr. KQ (as her students call her) led the Employee Wellness Program at Lansing Community College. She has a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University, Master of Arts from Central Michigan University and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Michigan State University.

Heather Kesselring-Quakenbush, Ph.D.

Sport Management

Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center 112

(616) 632-2898

Courses currently teaching:  
Administration of Sport and Recreation Introduction to Kinesiology
Human Growth and Development and Motor Learning Nutrition, Exercise, Stress
Officating Track & Field  
Adjunct Faculty:

Kelsey Binder


BS, Grand Valley State University
Courses: Aerobic Fitness, Group Exercise Leadership


Cheryl Blair


Courses: Teaching Health courses


Chad Bocian
BSBA, Aquinas College
Courses: Officiating Baseball/Softball, Officiating Basketball, Officiating Football
Doreen Bolhuis
BS, Central Michigan University
Courses: Teaching Gymnastics, Gymnastics Activity



Laura Cleypool
MBA (in progress)

Courses: Aerobic Fitness, Group Exercise Leadership

Claire Crowley
MM, Aquinas College
BS, Grand Valley State University
Courses: Pilates, Yoga


Sean Downey

BS, Aquinas College

Courses: Officating Socer, Soccer Activity

Lynn Draigh
Course: Nutrition for Sports Performance

Jack Emelander
BS, Ferris State University
Course: First Aid

Stephen Greene
BS, Aquinas College
Courses: Activity Courses


Dave Heinz



Course: Conditioning II: Designing Programs

Denny Krynicki

MA, Grand Valley State University

BS, Olivet College

Course: Teaching Health Concepts II: Human Sexuality and STD Prevention


Crystal Laska

BA, Aquinas College

Course: Softball Activity

Mary Lohman

Course: Ballroom Dance


Linda Nash

MA, Tennessee Tech

BS, Central Michigan University

Course: Basketball Activity

Kevin Parker
MEd,  Auburn University
BS, Miami University
Courses: Athletic Training Courses


Jarred Pitts
BS, Michigan State University
Course: Great Lakes Sailing

Richard Powell

Course: Tai Chi


Terence Reuben
Course: Therapeutic Modalities

Mikhail Sarkisov
BS, Aquinas College
Course: Fencing


Jeanne Skinner
MEd, University of Michigan
BS, Western Michigan University
Course: Officiating Volleyball

Katie VanderMeer

BS, Aquinas College

Course: Volleyball Activity


Brad Winkler, J.D.

Course: Sports Law