Teaching Concentration - Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Physical Education Teaching Concentration (K-12 certification)
Physical education as a teaching concentration is one of the most rewarding majors students can pursue at Aquinas College. This major will prepare students for a fulfilling career in education.
Aquinas College is certified by the state department of education to endorse students in K through 12 physical education. This means students that complete the course requirements and successfully pass both student teaching and the state subject matter exams will be awarded a probationary teaching certificate for the state department of education. They then will be able to start a career in teaching in either the major or minor field of study.
Application for acceptance to the major can be made after two full semesters and a 2.0 minimum grade point average.
Major Requirements >Major Checklist (pdf)
51 Semester Hours in Kinesiology:
KN 146 KN 289 (fall only) Plus five activity classes
KN 158 KN 294
  • one must match the officiating class
KN 159 KN 358 (fall only)  
KN 242 (fall only) KN 359 (fall only)
  • officiating
KN 250 (fall only) KN 364 (spring only)
    • softball/baseball
KN 256 KN 450 (spring only)
    • track
KN 281 KN 452 (spring only)
    • volleyball
KN 284 (spring only)  
    • basketball
21 Semester Hours in Teacher Education Core:
EN 130, 207, 209, 301, 408, 450, 453, 454, 456, 461, 466. Students must pass the Michigan Basic Skills Test prior to starting the core. It is recommended one take this test as soon as possible after deciding to be a teaching major.
A teachable minor (listed in the education department handbook).
Student Teaching (KN 495 and 498) for one semester - 18 weeks full-time.
  1. Minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average
  2. Completion of the application (available in department office), with three letters of recommendation, one from a professor, one from a current student accepted to the education program, and one from a non-relative (former coach, teacher, employer, etc.)
  3. A statement of recognition and understanding of the State standards for beginning teachers available in the Kinesiology office or on the State Department of Education website.
  4. A personal interview with the advisor for the major.

For further description of the classes offered please look in the course catalog.

Special Note: The Physical Education teaching major will take most students five years to complete the major and earn a teaching certificate from the State of Michigan. This includes the required class work in the major, the teacher education core, the minor, and student teaching. Some students choose to graduate with just a major after four years and finish the teacher education core and student teaching as a continuing education or graduate student.


Aquinas College Department of Education:

  • Contains all the information needed for the teacher certification, teachable majors, student teaching and more.

Michigan Department of Education:

  • K-8 GLCE (Grade Level content Expectations)
  • High School Requirements


Michigan Test for Teacher Certification:

  • Michigan Basic Skills Test (096)
  • Subject Test PE (test 044)

Professional Organizations
American Alliance for Health Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance:
Michigan Alliance for Health Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance:

Physical Education WebQuest example: Sports Rules:
WebQuest Home Page:

Special Populations (Adapted PE)
APENS Adapted Physical Education National Standards:
Disabled Sports USA:

National Sports Center for the Disabled:

Special Olympics:

Exploratorium - Sports Science:

Kids Health - Why Exercise is Cool:
PE Central:


Advisor - Duane Ambrose, Ph.D.

For more information contact Duane at or (616) 632-2896.