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According to the National Wellness Institute, Wellness is defined as an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence. This is achieved in a multi-dimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, including mental and spiritual well-being, and in consideration of the environment in a positive and affirming manner.


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2015 DisArts Festival

Members of AQ Special Saints, the disability advacacy club on campus, are serving their community through the 2015 DisArts Festival. Taking place April 10-25, The DisArts Festival is breaking down all kinds of walls as it seeks to change perceptions about disabilities through art by showcasing the work of artists with disabilities through performance pieces, fashion, discussions, and art. The festival begins in downtown Grand Rapids on April 10 with the international exhibit Art of the Lived Experiment, opening at UICA (2 W. Fulton St.).

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