Jason Duncan

Jason Duncan, Ph.D.

Professor of History
Phone: (616) 632-2837
E-mail: duncajas@aquinas.edu
About Prof. Duncan
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1999
M.A., University of Iowa, 1992
M.A., Georgetown University, 1987
B.A., St. Lawrence University, 1985

Charles D. Gunnoe, Jr.

Charles D. Gunnoe, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of History
Phone: (616) 632-2834
E-mail: gunnocha@aquinas.edu
About Prof. Gunnoe
Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1998
M.A.T.S., Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, 1990
A.B., College of William and Mary, 1986

Bethany Kilcrease Bethany Kilcrease, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Phone: (616) 632-2429
E-mail: bmt001@aquinas.edu
About Prof. Kilcrease
Ph.D., Boston College, May 2009
B.A., Calvin College, May 2002
John C. Pinheiro

John C. Pinheiro, Ph.D.
Chair of Department

Professor of History & Director of Catholic Studies
Phone: (616) 632-2835
E-mail: pinhejoh@aquinas.edu
About Prof. Pinheiro
Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 2001
M.A., California State University, Bakersfield, 1994
B.A., California State University, Bakersfield, 1992

Adjunct Faculty

Elizabeth Chamberlain, M.A.

Ph.D. Candidate, Wayne State University

M.A., Central Michigan University, 2009

B.A., Aquinas College, 2007


Mark Hoolihan, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2007
M.A., St. Cloud State University, 1995
B.A., St. John’s University, 1992


Ken Marotte, M.A.

M.A., The Ohio State University

B.A., Georgetown College


Jennifer Morrison, M.A.

M.A., Bowling Green University, 1988

B.A., Western Michigan University, 1985

Gleaves Whitney, M.A.
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A., Colorado State University