Dr. Charles D. Gunnoe, Professor of History

Charles D. Gunnoe

Charles D. Gunnoe, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Phone: (616) 632-2834
E-mail: gunnocha@aquinas.edu

Educational Background
Ph.D. University of Virginia, 1998
M.A.T.S. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, 1990
A.B. The College of William and Mary, 1986


Dr. Gunnoe’s Curriculum Vitae


Spring 2015 Courses
HY162: World History II
HY263: The Middle Ages
About Charles Gunnoe

My chief research interests lie in early modern central Europe, especially in the religious and political history of Southwestern Germany in the late sixteenth century. I am also interested in early modern science, in particular the reception of the ideas of Paracelsus, the great Swiss-German medical iconoclast. I have also engaged in scholarship on witch-hunting in the period, especially regarding the demonological ideas that made this tragedy possible.

In addition to offering surveys of world history, I teach intermediate level of European history courses. I offer advanced courses in German history and a seminar in the history of witchcraft.

Recent Scholarly Activity
Selected Research Publications
“The Evolution of Erastianism: Hugo Grotius’s Engagement with Thomas Erastus,” Grotiana 34/1 (2013): 41-61. 

“Swiss Students and Faculty at the University of Heidelberg, 1518–1622,” in Church and School in Early Modern Protestantism: Studies in Honor of Richard A. Muller on the Maturation of a Theological Tradition, ed. Jordan J. Ballor, David S. Sytsma, and Jason Zuidema, 255-269. Leiden: Brill, 2013.

“De Heidelbergse Catechismus in de theologische context van de Palts,” in Handboek Heidelbergse Catechismus, ed. Arnold Huijgen, J.V. Fesko, and Aleida Siller, 61-72 (Utrecht: Kok, 2013).

Thomas Erastus and the Palatinate: A Renaissance Physician in the Second Reformation (Leiden, Brill, 2011).
Contributor to: Plummer, Marjorie Elizabeth and Robin Barnes, Ideas and Cultural Margins in Early Modern Germany: Essays in Honor of H.C. Erik Midelfort (Farnham, England: Ashgate, 2009).
Bierma, Lyle D. with Charles D. Gunnoe Jr., Karin Y. Maag and Paul W. Fields, An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism: Sources, History, and Theology, Studies and Texts in Reformation and Post-Reformation Thought, ed. Richard A. Muller (Grand Rapids: Baker, September, 2005).

Translated into Dutch as: [Lyle D. Bierma and Charles D. Gunnoe] “Auteurschap van de Heidelbergse Catechismus,” in Handboek Heidelbergse Catechismus, ed. Arnold Huijgen, J.V. Fesko, and Aleida Siller, 73-83. Utrecht: Kok, 2013

Translated into Japanese as: ハイデルベルク信仰問答>入門 : 資料・歴史・神学 (Lyle Bierma, et al., An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism: Sources, History, and Theology, Japanese). trans. Takashi Yoshida. 2013.
Translated into Portuguese as: Introdução ao Catecismo de Heidelberg: Fontes, História e Teologia. Trans. Marcos Vasconcelos. Cambuci (São Paulo): Editora Cultura Christã, 2010.
Williams, Gerhard Scholz and Charles D. Gunnoe Jr. eds., Paracelsian Moments: Science, Medicine, and Astrology in Early Modern Europe,Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, no. 64 (Kirksville , MO : Truman State University Press, 2002).
Charles Gunnoe, editor; Richard Muller, advisor, The Heidelberg Reformation, I & II.
Encyclopedia and Dictionary Articles
Contributions to Europe 1450-1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation, and The New Westminster Dictionary of Church History.
Selected Conference Papers and Invited Lectures

“The Heidelberg Catechism in the Light of Contemporary Correspondence,” Profil und Wirkung des Heidelberger Katechismus, co-sponsored by the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and Verein für Reformationsgeschichte, Heidelberg, May 2013.

 “The Evolution of Erastianism,” Symposium Ordinum Pietas, Peace Palace Library, The Hague, June 2013.