History Club

The history club is a dynamic organization devoted to promoting historical literacy and to facilitating interaction between students and faculty. In short, we have fun while enhancing historical awareness. The activities of the history club are open to all Aquinas students, and you do not have to be a history major or minor to become an active member of the club. Involvement in the club is highly recommended for students pursuing careers in education or public history.
History Walk: Downtown Grand Rapids History Walk: Downtown Grand Rapids
The History Club's most recent history walk of downtown Grand Rapids with city historian, Gordon Olson.
History Club


The history club organizes game nights and movie nights throughout the academic year. Our Risk tournaments have been especially popular recently. On movie nights we meet to view, discuss, and critique films of historical import.



The history club also organizes downtown historian-led history walks and trips to local museums such as the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids. We generally sponsor a longer trip in the spring semester such as to Chicago (photos at left) or Detroit. The club also holds information nights on graduate school and career nights for students interested in history related careers like archival and museum work.



One highlight of the year is our annual Monty Python & the Holy Grail party held every winter during St. Thomas Aquinas Week in which students and faculty act out favorite scenes from the classic movie.

History Club

Club President: Joseph Vojtko - jev001@aquinas.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gunnoe - gunnocha@aquinas.edu

Contact Joseph Vojtko or Dr. Gunnoe to learn more about upcoming history club events.

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