Aquinas History Department Philosophy


History is the foundation of a liberal arts education.  The study of the past fosters knowledge of those virtues most necessary to the maintenance of democratic society.  History provides an appreciation of the long struggle to achieve a social order and the need for vigilance to preserve it.  By studying history we deepen our understanding of the human person and our world's cultural variety, thus illuminating the relationship between individual and community.

The department of history seeks to develop students' general knowledge and analytical abilities, enhance their understanding of our contemporary socio-political situation, and refine their research and writing skills.  The department aims for these outcomes through a varied curriculum, independent study, and internships that provide field experience.  Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, history classes are conducted as part of a search for Truth.
Recent Aquinas history graduates have pursued work in graduate schools, the foreign service, public history (museums, state historic parks, archives,etc.), politics, law, business, and teaching at the college, secondary, and elementary levels.

"Knowledge gained from the study of true history is the best of all educations for practical life. For it is history . . . which, without involving us in actual danger, will mature our judgment and prepare us to take right views."

Polybius (200-118 B.C.), author of The Histories