Aquinas Texts and Studies in History

Primary Texts
(N.B. These works are student transcriptions of public domain historical texts. While the transcriptions represent a valuable contribution to early modern studies, scholars are advised to access the original texts or facsimile images when citing the works in academic contexts.)
A declaration of the causes, for the which, we Frederick, by the grace of God King Bohemia, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Elector of the Sacred Empire, & c. have accepted of the crown of Bohemia, and of the countries there unto annexed.
Frederick I, King of Bohemia (r. 1619-1620)
Middleburg: Abraham Schilders, 1620
Subjects: Thirty Years War, Revolt of Bohemia (Holy Roman Empire)
Edited by Tracey Carter
(Facsimile transcription)
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A Dialogue or, Rather a Parley between Prince Ruperts Dogge whose name is Puddle, and Tobies Dog whose name is Pepper &c.
Anonymous, 1643
Subjects: English Civil War; Propaganda
Edited by: Sam Johnson and Nicholas Klein
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The Great and Famous Battle of Lutzen...
London: 1633.
Subjects: Thirty Years War, Battle of Lützen (Holy Roman Empire)
Edited by Jacob Baum
Transcribed by: Bryan Browning, Charles Clapp, Matthew Garner, Jon Marko, Joshua Mick & Timothy Weed
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The Report of a bloody and terrible Massacre in the City of Moscow, with the fearful and tragic end of Demetrius the last Duke, before him reigning at this present.
London: 1607
Subject: The Time of Troubles (Russia)
Edited by Jason Stevens and Jacob Baum
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Student Research
Fall 2007 Witchcraft Seminar Anthology
When Druids and Mystics Ruled Harshly Over the Superstitious Peasants
Edited by Stacey Dearing & Will Eberle Contributions by Stacey Dearing, Will Eberle, Rachel Koval, Doug Seites, Brandon Sexton, Tim Weed and Theresa Woodbridge
Instructor: Charles D. Gunnoe, Ph.D.
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