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First Semester

Mesopotamian Mathematics Catholic Encyclopedia: Assyria
Women in Mesopotamia Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia
Sumerian Mythology  
Ancient Egypt
The Magic and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Women in Ancient Egypt
The Ancient City of Athens Ancient Greek Female Costume
Greek Tragedy Ancient Greek Music
Ancient Greek Theater The Ancient Greek World
The Pantheon Greek Democracy
Greek Mythology Greek Philosophy
  Homer's Iliad and Odyssey
Armamentarium: The Book of Roman Arms & Armor The Byzantine Studies Page
The Christian Catacombs of Rome The First Christians
Forum Romanum Vergil's Aeneid
Portrait Gallery of Roman Emperors
Roman Mythology  
Byzantine & Medieval
Anthology of Middle English Literature NetSerf: Medieval Architecture
The Canterbury Tales Online Classical Net - Medieval Repertoire
Dante's Realms
Dante Alighieri
The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas Medieval Music
Medieval Women NetSerf: Medieval Music
Bodleian Library Manuscripts Collection NetSerf: Medieval Art

Second Semester

Exhibits Collection: Renaissance Michelangelo Buonarroti
Shakespeare Online Northern Renaissance Art & Artists
Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature The Sistine Chapel
Virtual Renaissance  
Anthony Van Dyck Artemisia Gentileschi and the Age of Baroque
Baroque Music Rembrandt van Rijn
Christopher Wren Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
Johann Sebastian Bach The Paintings of Jan Vermeer
Rococo and Neoclassical
William Hogarth The Mozart Project
The Voltaire Foundation  
Romantic Circles Francisco de Goya
Romanticism on the Net The Myth And Mystery of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly
Impressionism and Late 19th Century Links
ArtinthePicture - Impressionism Auguste Renoir Gallery
Claude Monet James McNeill Whistler
John William Waterhouse Monet at Giverny
Paul Lawrence Dunbar Rodin Museum
The Van Gogh Museum The Victorian Web
Vincent Van Gogh Information Gallery  
20th Century Links
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum German Expressionism
Rene Magritte  

General Links

Online Galleries and Museums
Artchive The Frick Collection
ArtLex WebMuseum
Digital Archive of European Architecture The National Gallery of Art
National Museum of Women in the Arts  
Music Links  
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