Inquiry & Expression  

AQ Difference

GE 101: Inquiry and Expression is an integrated collegiate skills course that introduces students to academic discourse, including writing, reading, research, oral communication, and critical thinking. These skills are developed by examining contemporary American issues such as race, class, popular culture, and gender. Library and electronic research skills are directly applied as students conclude the course with a research paper.
How has the Inquiry and Expression course benefited AQ students' college experience?
Kelli Day "I&E has definitely helped me to become a better writer. The professors have endless knowledge that they so graciously share with the students. It is definitely a great class to take." - Kelli Day
Lauren Lamore "I really loved my Inquiry and Expression class at Aquinas. I had taken and received AP language and literature credit in high school, but I figured it would still be a smart idea to take I&E. It ended up being one of my favorite classes of my freshman year. We wrote many different papers, such as a research paper, a profile, and a narrative. We had opportunities to meet with my teacher, and I was able to progress in my weaker areas, and by the end of the semester, I was able to express myself even more clearly and articulately in my papers. I&E is a really beneficial class to take freshman year, and I will always use the techniques I learned in that class." - Lauren Lamore
Libby Steffes "Inquiry and Expression is a course that focuses on building a strong foundation in writing and it helps students transition into the level of writing expected in college. Many freshmen may be intimidated by the thought of taking a college writing course, but there is no reason to fear Inquiry and Expression!  The professors meet their students at their writing level and help them develop through fun writing topics.  My Inquiry and Expression professor, Dr. Chesley, allowed us to choose a theme for our various assignments. My assignments included a personal narrative, interview, and research paper that focused on Catholic elementary education. Other students’ themes included Autism, psychology, weather anchors, NASCAR, and life coaches. The freedom to choose topics made the writing assignments more personal as well as fun." - Libby Steffes
John DeAngelis

"The I/E program taught me the steps for developing a well-written paper. By allowing time for me to craft draft after draft, I learned the value of true revisions. The skills I learned in Inquiry and Expression has substantially helped me in my future classes. I/E especially helped me when writing research papers for those classes. I would recommend that incoming freshman make sure to put in extra effort to excel in their I/E course. The skills learned in I/E could help them in almost all of their future classes as well as their careers." - John DeAngelis

Kyle Masteller "Through the individual meetings with the teacher and the class discussions on how to improve writing skills, my writing improved drastically. For each paper you write, students meet with their professors and that is where I gained most of my confidence: from both the comments she made and her suggestions for improvement. As an accounting major my classes have started to require much more writing and discussion. The language that is incorporated into my homework is getting more complex and my skills that I have learned from I/E have helped greatly. Due to my own effort, and the guidance I received from my professor, I became much more confident. My advice to students taking I/E would be to put forth your best effort; I surprised myself at how much my writing advanced. I would recommend this course!" - Kyle Masteller