International Programs  

Study Abroad Benefits

Cultural Immersion
Aquinas College Study Abroad Programs are built around the concept of cultural immersion. We define the term cultural immersion as a relationship-building placement of the student in a community of another culture. To achieve this goal we "base" our programs on three fundamental components: housing, academics, and service-learning. Housing typically involves a home-stay with a family in the community. We want students to experience the functioning of a typical household. The academic component consists of approximately 3 required courses and 1-2 elective courses. All of these courses are designed to orient the student to the particular locale (community, city, state, country) and thereby expand the student's knowledge of a particular culture.
Service Learning
The Service-Learning component is designed to integrate students into the community. It also provides an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships between the students and local residents. Our study abroad programs offer an excellent opportunity for students to see great sights and gain greater insight.