International Studies  

Why Study International Studies?

The International Studies Program at Aquinas College offers an interdisciplinary Bachelors of Arts degree.  As such, students must take a variety of courses from a variety of disciplines.
In this ever changing and dynamic international world in which we live, International Studies is growing as an essential field of inquiry.  It is a diverse and exciting area of teaching and research with its own professional association, the International Studies Association.  At Aquinas College it provides extensive information and contacts for Aquinas College faculty and students who study international phenomena.  There are well over 25 faculty - at least one-quarter of total AQ faculty - that teach "things international."
As a major at Aquinas College, International Studies is primarily a second degree because of its interdisciplinary nature.  It fits very nicely as a second degree with, for example, Business, International Business, Foreign Language, Political Science, History, Sociology, English, and Environmental Studies.
Students who have majored in International Studies have become, or gone on to:
  • College Professors
  • School Teachers
  • Live Overseas
  • Translate for indigenous peoples
  • Work in Washington, DC
  • Work in the private sector
  • Work in the public sector
  • Join the Peace Corps