Irish Studies at Aquinas College
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    Irish Studies

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    Irish Studies

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    Irish Studies

Why Study?

Aquinas is the only college in Michigan and one of only a few in the Midwest to offer an Irish Studies minor. Aquinas’s minor capitalizes on the 40+ year history of the Aquinas Ireland Program, which has been sending students and faculty to Tullycross, Ireland, since 1972. This interdisciplinary minor offers an understanding of social and political issues operant in Ireland today and in an international context, and of Irish culture as an evolving expression of Irish identities. Students also learn Irish history, including its dynamic literary history.

Recent research reveals that most hiring managers and CEOs worldwide affirm the value of an international study experience, with most US respondents verifying the value of international study. More than 3 out of 4 of US employers agree that all students should learn about societies and cultures outside the US. The Irish Studies minor helps you document that learning and prepare you for a life in the global community.


Over 40 years of students and faculty living, learning, teaching and researching in Ireland, all contributing to the vitality of the program.


An interdisciplinary approach that boasts faculty participation from departments across campus and fields.


A minor built on the high-impact learning activities of research, internships, and study abroad opportunities.