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Language Professors Celebrating Convocation
Language Faculty



Pictured at left: Stéphane Bédère, ABD (Assistant Professor of French and Spanish), Dr. Michel Pichot (Associate Professor of French and French Section Head), Dr. Shelli Rottschafer (Assistant Professor of Spanish and Spanish Section Head), Dr. Carmen Ruiz-Sánchez (Assistant Professor of Spanish and Lower Level Coordinator)

Not pictured: Dr. Kati Gross (Associate Professor of German and German Section Head), Dr. Marcos Romero (Associate Professor of Spanish and Chair of the DML)

Outstanding Senior Awards 2013

Congratulations to the following Department of World Languages 2012-2013 graduating seniors:

Outstanding Senior Anna Matthews Outstanding Senior Bradley Ransom Outstanding Seniors Chris Skurka and Molly Feldman

Outstanding Senior Award for French -

Anna Matthews

Outstanding Senior Award for German -

Bradley Ransom

Outstanding Senior Award for Spanish -

Chris Skurka and Molly Feldman

Fall 2011: SY/SH370 Service Learning: Hispanic GR
During the fall 2011 semester, Aquinas students, Assistant Professor of Spanish Dr. Shelli Rottschafer, alumna Aimee Garcia M.Ed., and teachers Irene Betancourt Reiniche, and Cynthia Díaz-Stahl teamed together with a mentoring program at César E. Chávez Elementary School on Grandville Avenue. Dr. Rottschafer teaches a Spanish upper level course dedicated to the study of the affects of immigration on Spanish speaking children in Grand Rapids. Dr. Rottschafer and Principal Aimee Garcia began communicating last spring, and beginning in fall 2011 Aquinas students have the opportunity to observe and assist in the bilingual classrooms. >Read More

The pictures below are of the Day of the Dead Celebration / Día de los Muertos at César E. Chávez Elementary School on Friday, Oct. 28, 2011.

Day of the Dead Celebration Day of the Dead Celebration
Day of the Dead Celebration Day of the Dead Celebration
Spring 2011: SH 329 Chicano Literature

SH: 329 Chicano Literature
Opening the door to New Mexican Literature

This course is taught in Spanish and dedicated to the study of Chicano identity as it is portrayed through narrative and poetry. After our semester of study on campus, we will be traveling to New Mexico May 8 - 20. We will visit the places we have read about during class such as: Gallup, The Navajo Reservation, El Morro, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Chimayo, and Bandalier. (Pre-Rec SH301)
>More Information (pdf)
|| >Read More: Venture Grant Awarded to SH329 Service Trip

Michigan Academy Conference Spring 2011
Michigan Academy Conference Dr. Marcos Romero
The Michigan Academy Conference was held at Saginaw Valley State University on March 11, 2011. Presiding over the Spanish Language and Literatures section, Dr. Marcos Romero led discussions for student led presentations, as well as professors from all of the liberal arts colleges and universities in the state of Michigan.
Career Opportunities
Majoring or minoring in a second language is a way for students to develop the global knowledge and expertise that are increasingly valued in the marketplace. Proficiency in a second language is in itself a valuable skill, but students gaining that proficiency will also learn to gain new perspectives on other cultures, as well as on American culture and practices.
The following is a list of career possibilities for language majors and minors. It is by no means exhaustive, but is meant merely to suggest to students potential areas for future employment. The Language Department faculty strongly encourage students to discuss their ideas concerning post-graduate employment with professors within and outside the department.
  • International business (import/export; multinational corporations)
  • International banking
  • International and corporate law
  • International consulting
  • International agency staff
  • U.S. Foreign Service
  • Travel & tourism industry
  • Social service agencies
  • Interpreting
  • Translation
  • Education (primary, secondary, college; bilingual education)
  • Writing (journalism; technical writing)
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Library & information sciences
  • U.S. Customs & Immigration
Study Abroad
The Department of World Languages strongly encourages all Aquinas students to spend time studying abroad, as this experience is essential to improving proficiency in a second language. Time spent abroad offers the student an exceptional opportunity to learn about another culture through classroom experience, social interaction, and an exploration of the history, literature, art and architecture of that culture. The professors in the Department of World Languages are available to assist students in choosing the program that best suits their needs and interests.
Semester-long Study Abroad Opportunities
Aquinas College now offers six semester-long study-abroad programs, through which students generally earn between 12 and 15 language credits. While immersed in another culture, students take courses in language, culture, history and literature, all of which apply toward the requirements for a language major or minor. These programs are now held annually in Salamanca, Spain during the fall semester and Santa Ana, Costa Rica; Perpignan, France; Tokyo, Japan; and Tübingen, Germany during the Spring semester. For further information on these opportunities, see the International Programs web page.
Summer Programs
Some Aquinas students choose to spend a summer abroad rather than a semester or a year. The Languages Department has a number of resources that can help students select a program of summer study.
Service Learning

Students can also gain valuable experience in the context of another culture by participating in one of Aquinas College's Service-Learning Programs, which are jointly taught by faculty within and outside the Languages Department. The Service-Learning Programs consist of a one-semester, preparatory course focusing on the history and culture of the country to be visited. Students wishing to apply credits from these courses toward a language major or minor must do coursework in the language. Service Learning courses have been conducted in English, Spanish, and French. The purpose is to have campus based work which prepares students to perform valuable, ongoing community and humanitarian efforts both locally and abroad.  Travel Experiences have journeyed to Puebla, Mexico, El Llano, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Lima, Peru, New Mexico, and within the greater Grand Rapids area.