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Frequently Asked Questions About AQ's Language Requirements
Why am I required to learn a foreign language?
One of the goals of Aquinas’ general education program is to provide students with the opportunity to develop a global/international perspective, as well as an appreciation of other cultures. The language requirement also introduces students to an area of study that they might not have thought about before. We encourage students to sign up for a language class during their first or second year at Aquinas so that they will have time to decide if a minor or a double major in a foreign language would work for them.
What languages are available for study?
French, German, Japanese and Spanish
How do I fulfill the requirement?
In order to fulfill the language requirement students must demonstrate proficiency at the 102 intermediate (second semester) level. A score of 71 (C-) is required.
Is it possible to have the language requirement waived?
The requirement may be waived if:
1.) You place into SH 201 on the language placement test given during summer registration.
2.) You are a transfer student who already has an Associate of Arts degree.
3.) You are a continuing education student.
How can I succeed in a language?
You know that the more you practice something the better you become and often the easier it gets. The same is true for languages. The instructors in the department of Modern & Classical Languages at Aquinas College work hard to make your language experience an enjoyable one. Take advantage of office hours that are for students who want extra help or practice with the language. Tutors are also available through Student Support Services. We encourage you to work and study with other students and to become involved in the activities the department offers such as International Movie Night at the Moose Café, among other events. Keep a good attitude and an open mind about learning another language. Think of it as an opportunity to communicate with people from another culture and something from which you will benefit in the future. Feel free to come to the department anytime. The door is always open.