German Studies  


Why Should you Study GERMAN at Aquinas?


1. German at Aquinas – Did you know that…

    • German is spoken by more than 124 million people worldwide?
    • German has traditionally been at the core of liberal arts environments such as Aquinas College because of the interdisciplinary connections between literature, history, the arts, and philosophy, as well as the social and natural sciences?
    • German is the most commonly used language on the Internet after English?
    • German is an official language at many international conferences?
    • almost two out of every ten books published in the world are published in German?
    • people of German descent constitute one of the largest heritage groups in the U.S. with many intact German-speaking communities?
    • more than 1,100 companies from German-speaking countries have U.S. subsidiaries?
    • more than 700 American companies do business in Germany and have created 800,000 related jobs?
    • despite its reputation as a difficult language, the proximity of German and English as Germanic languages makes German in many regards easier for English speakers?
    • you’ll find more good reasons to study German at Aquinas by going to Why German Is 4U?

2. German at Aquinas offers you many opportunities to study the various facets of a German Studies curriculum while enjoying German-related activities on and off-campus:

    • Enjoy a German class at the beginning, intermediate or advanced level in a communicative, learner-centered, highly interactive and fun(!) environment (German Culture & Civilization, Studies of German Culture and Society through Film, Contemporary Short Stories, 19th Century Literature: Fairy Tales …)
German German
  • Study Abroad in Germany with one of our four available programs and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of German language, culture, and life:
    - SIP at the Universität Tübingen (Spring semester, April - July)
    - Universität Lüneburg (Spring semester, January - April)
    - AYF at the Universität Freiburg (Full Academic Year, September - July)
    - Summer Program at Mayen (6-week program, May - June)


  • ENJOY A GERMAN EVENT ON (OR OFF) CAMPUS by getting involved and participating in activities sponsored by the German Program and the German Club Der Deutschverein:
    – Watch a German film
    –  Attend a concert and listen to German music
    –  Enjoy an exhibit that features German art, paintings, architecture
    –  Read your favorite German author in the original
    –  Play games in German
    –  Sing German (Christmas) songs, or join the Aquinas choir 
    –  Share your own ideas for new German events …
  • COLLABORATE WITH A GERMAN FACULTY MEMBER IN A STUDENT-FACULTY RESEARCH PROJECT and experience how interdisciplinary research and cross-curricular learning connect and enrich the study of two or more of your academic disciplines.
  • PURSUE INTERNSHIP RELATED TO GERMAN (Sustainable Business, International Business, International Relations, Music, Art) and gain valuable experience, hands-on knowledge and new perspectives in a business environment while working and researching in two academic disciplines.


German German
  • MAJOR (OR MINOR) IN GERMAN and enhance your future career opportunities as well as your global perspectives in life.  German not only contributes to your personal and intellectual growth, it also strengthens your professional credentials as a career language. Thus, applying your linguistic expertise when speaking or writing German, and sharing your specific insights of German cultural traits, practices and traditions is both meaningful and useful in today’s increasingly globalized economy. Declaring a German Major (or a double major in combination with a second academic field) will therefore open up many more professional and job opportunities in the following sectors:

Government and Service Industry:

Foreign service officer, librarian, hotel administrator, nurse, physician, lobbyist, translator or interpreter, customs official, intelligence analyst, agricultural advisor, environmentalist, consultant
Technology and Science:
Web-site design, engineer, oceanographer, chemist, consultant, geologist, cartographer, geneticist, bio-physicist, biochemist, energy researcher, astrophysicist, ITS specialist
Media and Communications:
Foreign correspondent, reporter, filmmaker, translator, interpreter, publisher, literary agent, PR agent
Language and literature teacher, science and social science teacher, historian, sociologist, research librarian, musicologist, educational travel specialist
Investment, Banking, and Trade:
Banker, international lawyer, export manager, overseas sales representative, fashion buyer, bilingual administrator, marketing analyst, international consultant, stock broker