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German Study Abroad Programs:

Locations, Academics, Housing, Excursions & Extracurricular Activities

Tübingen, Germany (Spring semester)
  • This Spring Semester program takes place at the University of Tübingen in southwest Germany.
  • The Tübingen program is an excellent opportunity for students to earn academic credit toward a German major or minor. Course focusing on German language and culture are taught by University of Tübingen instructors.
  • Course-related excursions complement the curriculum, including a week-long intensive retreat at the University Study Center in Blaubeuren and day-trips to Stuttgart, Freiburg, Ulm, Augsburg, the Black Forest and Lake Constance.
  • Students live in single rooms in university residence halls and share community space with German university students.
  • General Application for the Tübingen Program
  • Tübingen Information Sheet
Lüneburg, Germany  (Spring Semester)
  • This Spring Semester program takes place at the University of Lüneburg in Lüneburg, located in northern Germany approximately 20 miles south of Hamburg.
  • The Lüneburg program’s curriculum focuses on German language and culture. Additional courses in business, political science, history, art and engineering are also offered.
  • Excursions offer students the opportunity to explore the rich Hanseatic traditions of the cities Hamburg, Bremen, and Bremerhaven.
  • Students also have the opportunity to travel via group excursions to sites of artistic or historic importance. Participants may opt to further engage themselves in the Lüneburg community via various volunteer and internship opportunities.
Freiburg, Germany  (Full Academic Year)
  • Students have the opportunity to spend a full academic year at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, located in southwest Germany in the Black Forest region.
  • Participants build upon their German language skills through special program courses as well as regular university classes offered in a variety of disciplines.
  • The Freiburg program organizes group events and excursions throughout the year. Participants are also encouraged to engage themselves in extracurricular activities through the university.
  • Participants live in university housing alongside German and other international students.
  • General Application for the Freiburg Program
  • Freiburg Information Sheet
Mayen, Germany (Language and Culture Summer Program, May-June)


  • German students from Aquinas College who have successfully mastered a high-intermediate or advanced level of language proficiency may be eligible to participate in the six-week long German Language and Culture Program in Mayen during the summer.
  •  This program is offered through the German Program at Michigan State University and open for enrollment for Aquinas German students.
  • Participants will have an opportunity to live with a host family for five weeks in Mayen and develop their understanding of German culture and their fluency in the German language.
  • Students will be required to enroll in a minimum of six (6), maximum of nine (9), semester credits from the following courses:
    GRM 325: Third Year German (Oral Communication) (3)
    GRM 420: Advanced German (3)
    GRM 490: Independent Study (1-4)
    GRM 491: Special Topics in German Studies (3)
  • Classes will run from May to June at one of the education centers in Mayen and Berlin. Classes will generally meet during the morning, Monday through Thursday.
  • Field trips to such nearby places as Cologne, Bonn, and possibly Mainz will be arranged. At the end of the program there will be an excursion to Berlin, via Jena, Weimar and Dresden.
  • Students will have afternoons and long weekends to study, visit, and travel throughout Germany and Western Europe.
  • General Application for the Mayen Program
  • Mayen Information Sheet
The German Program at Aquinas College strongly encourages all German students to study abroad as this experience is essential to improving proficiency in German. The time students spent in any one of Aquinas’ four German Study Abroad Programs – Tübingen, Lüneburg, Freiburg, or Mayen – offers them an exceptional opportunity to learn about the German life and culture while living and studying in the host country. Furthermore, all of these programs offer students unique experiences that will enhance their knowledge gained in the classroom through social interaction, and an exploration of the history, literature, art and architecture of the German culture.
Semester-long Study Abroad Programs
The German Program at Aquinas College offers two semester-long study abroad programs in Tübingen and Lüneburg. German students can earn between 12 and 17 German credits through the semester-long study abroad programs.
Tübingen Program:         Due to the different starting time for the Tübingen program (April–July),
                                                students participating in this program have the opportunity to take
                                                courses at Aquinas during the Third Quad (January–March) before they
                                                depart for Germany.
Lüneburg Program:         The Lüneburg program follows the calendar of U.S. universities (January–                   

Year-long Study Abroad Program
The Academic Year in Freiburg
During both winter and summer semesters, students can enroll in a combination of specially designed program courses and regular university courses. Program courses in German grammar and composition are available throughout the year. The program also offers a small number of specially designed courses, taught in German by experienced local instructors and the resident director. Typically, in each semester there is one course in the area of German literature, film, or other aspects of cultural studies, and one course in the area of German history, politics or the European Union which provide a broad survey of literary or historical periods. A program course on German history will be taught in fall, and a course on the European Union will be offered in spring, provided there is sufficient enrollment.
Students with advanced language skills may choose to take most of their courses at the regular German university, or they may opt to take a combination of university and program courses. All regular university classes are conducted in German. The resident director will meet with each student individually prior to each semester to advise them on the most appropriate courses for their level of German and their degree program. Aquinas students will earn Aquinas credit and grades for coursework successfully completed in Freiburg.

For more information on the German Study Abroad Programs please contact Dr. Katharina Häusler-Gross at (616) 632-2122, e-mail, or go to the International Programs Website.