Community Leadership  


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Student Learning Outcomes

Students should achieve and demonstrate the following:
  • Awareness and understanding of issues of social justice and appropriate personal and institutional responses to them. Students are informed of these learning goals by syllabi for the core courses for the major and minor and by their instructors for these courses. In CL 100 students write several papers explaining these issues and how society‚Äôs institutions either help or worsen social justice. The CL 396 Practicum and the CL 400 Capstone instructs students, through reflection on their experience with the agencies they worked in, how these agencies advance social justice and how they may do even more.
  • Field experience in community service institutions. Students choose their settings for service in consultation with the CL Program Director and supervisors in these agencies.
  • Professional disposition. Students learn of these expectations through discussion of handouts by the CL Program Director, by interviews with potential agency supervisors, and by expectations stated by other CL core course instructors.