Beyond Google: College Resources and Research Skills  


Introduction & Tour

Learn about the 8-week class and take a tour of the Grace Hauenstein Library - learn your way around.

Seven Steps

Learn the 7 basic steps to research, from picking a topic to citing sources.

Topic Definition Learn how to refine a basic idea into a workable topic.
Searching for Information

Learn how to execute effective searching techniques to save time, effort, and frustration in locating quality information.

Reference Books

Learn why reference books are so valuable to you, and how to find and use them.


Learn how to locate books and periodicals by using our online catalog.

Periodical Databases

Become aware of the various types of periodical databases that are available to you, and learn techniques and tricks that are useful when using them.

Periodicals and Articles

Learn the difference between scholarly and popular publications and how each can be useful to you.

Web Searching


Learn how to evaluate the information you find online to ensure you are using information from credible sources.

Academic Integrity

Learn why it is important to treat your education as an ethical issue, and how to avoid plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty

Citing Sources


Learn the basics of constructing Works Cited pages.