Beyond Google: College Resources and Research Skills  

Course Description

Course Objectives Definition of Information Literacy Attendance
Participation Assignments and Grading Grading Scale
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
  • Determine the nature and extent of the information needed.
  • Access needed information effectively and efficiently.
  • Evaluate information and its sources critically
  • Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose.
Definition of Information Literacy
Information Literacy is the ability to find, evaluate and use information effectively
Students are expected to use these skills in all other courses at Aquinas College.
  • No more than one excused absence (i.e. your instructor is notified of your absence within 24 hours of that absence) is acceptable.
  • Regardless of whether your absence is excused or unexcused, you are expected to see your instructor to discuss how you can make up the class you missed.
  • You are responsible for turning in any assignments due when you are absent.
Student participation, including group work, class discussions and partner collaborations is expected and will be part of your final grade.
Assignments and Grading
  • Assignments will be available on your GE103 CourseConnect page, or from your instructor. All assignments must be typed.
  • Late assignments will only be accepted with permission of your instructor.
  • Graded assignments will be returned to you. If you have any questions about a graded assignment, please make an appointment with your instructor to discuss it.
  • Remember that attendance and participation will affect your final grade.
  • Students who receive a grade lower than a C- in GE103 must repeat the course.
Grading Scale
A+ 98-100 B+ 88-89 C+ 78-79 D+ 68-69
A 93-97 B 83-87 C 73-77 D 63-67
A- 90-92 B- 80-82 C- 70-72 D- 60-62