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What is Information Literacy?

There are several different definitions of Information Literacy. Here are a few:
"Traditional" Definition
Information Literacy is the:
  • Ability to recognize information need
  • Ability to locate information
  • Ability to evaluate information
  • Ability to use information effectively
Association of College and Research Libraries IL Standards
An information literate person:
  • Determines extent of information needed
  • Accesses information effectively & efficiently
  • Evaluates information sources critically
  • Incorporates selected information into one's knowledge base
  • Uses information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  • Understands economic, legal & social issues surrounding the use of information & access and use info ethically and legally
EDUCOM Review: Information Literacy as a Liberal Art
  • Tool literacy: use practical & conceptual tools of information technology
  • Resource literacy: understand form, format, location & access methods of information resources
  • Social-structural literacy: knowing how information is socially situated and produced
  • Research literacy: understand & use information technology tools relevant to current research
  • Publishing literacy: ability to publish research electronically
  • Emerging technology literacy: ability to understand & use emerging technology
  • Critical literacy: evaluate information technologies