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Information Literacy

Library Instruction Sessions
Information on scheduling Library Instruction Sessions and other services the library can provide to enhance your students' library and classroom experiences.
What can librarians do for you?
  • Teach Library Instruction Sessions
  • Assist with developing Effective Assignments
  • Assist with incorporating Information Literacy Skills into a course
  • Be present in your CourseConnect forums to answer student questions as they arise.
Library Instruction
Schedule time for your students to visit the library during a class session. Library instruction can be tailored to your needs and can include discussion on any combination of the following:
  • Online catalog
  • Electronic indexes
  • Web sites
  • Evaluating web sites
  • Differences between scholarly and non-scholarly sources
  • Refining a research topic
  • Off-campus access to library databases
  • Differences between "The Internet" and the library's databases
  • Plagiarism
Sessions may take place in our computer lab and can include hands-on time where students can practice what they've been taught.
*Please note: These sessions are most effective when students have an assignment to work on. Librarians can directly address the assignment when teaching the library instruction session.
Effective Assignments
Are you dissatisfied with the projects and papers that your students have turned in? Are you interested in revising your current assignments? Aquinas librarians can help you to develop effective assignments that may improve the papers that students write. They also can assist you in updating past assignments to reflect changes in the library resources and the world of information in general.
If you would like to discuss ways that your assignments could be improved, please contact your department's library liaison or Christina Radisauskas at or (616) 632-2124 to set up a meeting.
Information Literacy
The Association of College and Research Libraries has just adopted Information Literacy Competency Standards, which have been endorsed by the American Association for Higher Education. These standards include both performance indicators and outcomes, making incorporating information literacy skills into your courses and assignments very simple and straightforward. If you would like to discuss how to make this happen, please contact Christina Radisauskas at or (616) 632-2124.
How do I Schedule My Class for a Library Instruction Session?
If you would like more information about scheduling a class visit to the library, or adding us to your CourseConnect pages, contact Christina Radisauskas at or 632-2124. The Library staff has been working closely with the Aquinas faculty for years, and will continue to work around your schedule to find the most convenient time for you and your students.