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Off-Campus Housing

Aquinas College is committed to building positive relationships with students and the local community. This page is AQ's way to bridge the gap.
Note:  For students matriculating in the Fall 2015 semester or after, Aquinas College has a residency requirement for all traditional full-time enrolled (registered for 12 or more credit hours) first, second, and third year students that are not residing with their parents or legal guardians within a 45-minute commute. Transfer students and/or students who first enter Aquinas being at least 20 years of age or older by May 1st if classes are begun in August or by October 1st if classes are begun in January have the option of living off-campus for the duration of their time at Aquinas.  Students wanting to request exemption from the  residency requirement must submit the request paperwork (available in the Residence Life Office) and any required documentation to support the request by the deadlines stated for the semester requesting exemption or release.  Requests are not guaranteed.  All requests are reviewed by committee for special circumstances.  Please note that the signing of an agreement off-campus does not entitle a student to a release from their housing contract.  We encourage all students not to sign any off-campus agreements until they have been notified that they are exempt from on-campus housing.
Off-Campus Housing Resources
Note: The off campus housing information listed below was gathered by Aquinas Residence Life staff but is not associated with Aquinas College in any way.
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Aquinas College Standards for Off-Campus Living
In accordance with our mission commitments to serve others and promote the common good, and the Dominican Charism of Community, Aquinas College expects students living off campus and/or visiting the surrounding neighborhoods to represent the College in a positive manner at all times.
Choosing to live off campus does not circumvent a student's responsibility to abide by all behavioral standards of the Aquinas College Student Conduct Code.  Off-campus resident students will be held responsible, to the extent appropriate, for the actions of their guests.  Students residing or visiting off campus are also expected to comply with all civil ordinances of the City of Grand Rapids (or other municipality) and the State of Michigan.
Any student who violates the Student Conduct Code or of any local, state, or federal law while off campus is subject to judicial and other College action up to and including dismissal or suspension.  Aquinas College will not request leniency from any external authority for any person involved in civil or criminal action based on their student status, and will not offer or provide on-campus accommodation to any student if s/he has outstanding rental or damage fees due in relation to a valid lease or rental agreement. 
No More Than Four
The City of Grand Rapids Zoning Ordinance states that "no more than four unrelated individuals" can live together in a single family home (page 16.11). The Eastown Community Association Housing Committee will be working this year to help enforce this ordinance. Please use caution and common sense in renting, leasing, or sub-letting house and apartment space within the city boundaries. >>Read the Complete Ordinance