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Student Senate at Aquinas College

RSO Assembly

All clubs and student organizations are considered Registered Student Organizations, or RSOs. Each RSO is required to have a club member present at RSO Assembly, which takes place twice each semester. The representative is the Vice President of the RSO, or another member who is appointed by the executive board of the RSO and approved by the Vice Chair of the Student Senate.

RSO Representatives meet with the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement, the Vice Chair of the Student Senate and the Student Senate Secretary, to develop and improve upon the way RSOs work and function. RSOs are encouraged to collaborate and grow through sessions every meeting. Assembly meetings offer RSO representatives to communicate with other clubs, learn about different resources available to them.


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Vice Chair: Becky Kurkowski


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Secretary: Nicole Jarvis

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Advisor, Student Senate
Director of Student Leadership and Engagement
Allie Markland
(616) 632-2983