Master of Management  


Concentrations are available for students who wish to focus their elective courses in specific areas of management. Concentrations are offered in Organizational Leadership, Health Care Administration, Sustainable Business and Marketing Management. Completion of a concentration is noted on the student's transcript.
Health Care Administration Concentration
Concentration requirements are:
MG604 Managing Health Care Organizations    
MG605 Contemporary Issues in Health Care Law & Ethics
MG606 Financial Management for Health Care Administrators
MG607 Future Trends in Health Care
MG648 Leadership (taken in place of MG530 Marketing Management)
Organizational Leadership Concentration
The Organizational Leadership concentration is designed to help managers transition in to leaders. Leadership involves vision, influence, and incorporating change to make their organizations more effective and efficient. Students will develop problem-solving skills, communication skills, planning skills and a change-oriented perspective. This concentration will help students develop the needed leadership skills to direct vision and lead people, processes, and programs. Concentration requirements are:
MG 646 Group Dynamics
MG 648 Leadership
MG 649 Organization Development
MG 694 Managing 21st Century Organizations
Sustainable Business Concentration
The Sustainable Business concentration is designed to provide managers with a foundation in integrative sustainable business strategies that focus on improving the natural and social environments while providing increased financial returns. Known as the triple bottom line, students will examine best practices that enhance social, environmental and economic equity. This concentration will help students become aware of opportunities for positive changes in organizational practices and communication with stockholders. Concentration requirements are:
MG 671 Industrial Ecology
MG 672 Sustainable Business Management
MG 673 Building Social Capital
MG 660 Sustainable Economics & Management Decisions
Marketing Management Concentration
The Marketing Management concentration provides graduate students with an opportunity for a focused study of the theories and practice of marketing. Students completing the concentration will develop a more comprehensive knowledge of marketing dynamics, including both the legal and ethical aspects together with their applications to organizational planning and strategic management. This concentration is appropriate for students planning a career in marketing, for both general managers and entrepreneurs preparing for marketing responsibilities, and for marketing practitioners who wish to strengthen their professional skills. Concentration requirements are:
MG 685 Sales and Promotion Management
MG 689 Consumer Behavior
MG 690 Marketing Strategy
MG 687 International Marketing