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Words Against Hunger Reading To Benefit Degage Ministries

September 25, 2003 - GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - The Aquinas Writers Guild, The Aquinas Social Action Committee and the Community Action Volunteers of Aquinas present Words Against Hunger, benefit reading for Degag Ministries on Monday, September 29 at 7 p.m. in the Aquinas Cook Carriage House Moose Cafe. Several professors from the Aquinas English Department will offer readings of original poetry and prose for the event. The professors reading are Brent Chesley,Ph.D., Michelle DeRose, Ph.D., Gary Eberle, Michaeleen Kelly, Ph.D., Vicki McMillan, Dan O'Brien, Miriam Pederson, Pamela Waterbury and Mindy Wolf-Wilcoxx.

A suggested donation of $5 will benefit Degag Ministries, a local outreach center located in the Heartside neighborhood in Grand Rapids. The donation of $5 could buy: 38 cans of corn, 50 boxes of Pop Tarts, 31 jars of jelly, 33 boxes or cereal or other food, hygiene or administrative supplies.

Please join us for a very pleasurable evening and give your support to this very worthwhile cause. The number of people relaying on the Heartside area and local food banks has never been greater.