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January 29, 2004 - The Jane Hibbard Idema Women's Studies Center presents:

The Alternative Healing Fair, Monday, February 9, noon-3 p.m., in the Moose Caf?, Cook Carriage House. Free.
The Alternative Healing Fair will feature several presentations on Alternative Healing Techniques.

Presentations include: Massage therapy and massage demonstrations, Reiki, medical massages, shiatsu, diet and nutrition information.

Chris Shanahan, a massage therapist, and will explain the various services offered through the Dominican Center's Holistic Ministry.

Tamara Lindquist will give Reiki demonstrations. Reiki is a form of healing touch and helps to balance and integrate the major energy centers (chakras) of the body. It has the potential for reducing stress, helping the body to self heal, calming the mind and renewing the spirit, and creating quality relationships. Lindquist is also from the Dominican Center's Holistic Ministry.

Ginny Hayataka, a member of the Dominican Center's team, will give Medical Massage demonstrations. Medical Massage is more focused massage and employs a wider variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities. It is applied to the specific area of the client's chief complaint such as pulled muscles, sprains or strains, inflexibility, repetitive strain injuries, some chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and posture problems.

Molly Zimmerman will give Shiatsu Massage demonstrations. Shiatsu is a type of massage that is done with the client fully clothed and lying on a floor futon with body cushions. It is similar to acupressure and stimulates and harmonizes the flow of vital energy (Qi) throughout the body. It may help with stress and fatigue, increases circulation, relieves muscle stiffness and tension, increases vitality, stamina, and energy. Zimmerman's services are offered through the Dominican Center.

Jackie and Jaye, owners of "Spirit Dreams," will talk about the "Store with a Conscience." A popular shop located in Eastown, "Spirit Dreams" specializes in unique gifts, jewelry, natural aromatherapy and body products, candles, books, music, cards, incense and art with something for everyone. As a well-known store in our neighborhood, "Spirit Dreams" maintains emphasis on holistic health, wellness, spiritual growth and conscious living, and is thus known as a great resource for activities and services in theses areas to their customers.

Deb Springer, ATC, Aquinas Assistant Professor of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Department will talk about Movement Therapy and the variety of activities that are available to promote a greater ease and range of movement, increased balance, strength and flexibility, improved muscle tone and coordination, cardiovascular conditioning, prevention of injuries and greater longevity.