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January 9, 2007 - GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN (January 8, 2007) - Grand Rapids composer, Roger MacNaughton, has been awarded first place in the United States for his composition “Charlevoix Keepsake” by the International Music Aid Awards. Performed by MacNaughton on piano and Steve VanRavenswaay on cello, the winning composition is one of six original instrumental tunes written by MacNaugthon and recorded on the 2006 Acoustic Arts CD release Winter Canvas.

Music Aid was launched in 1998 in England to “use the power of music to help brighten the lives of everyone – including the world’s poorest children and others in need.” Initially a seven day “Art of Music” Festival held in London, the event featured art exhibits and live performances attended by over 100,000 people. Signed guitars and album covers from many famous names including Paul McCartney, John Lee Hooker, Oasis, and Bono helped raise funds for village children in SE Asia. Music Aid continues to provide free international support to bone fide music related charities and projects.

Recently expanded to include The International Music Aid Awards, Music Aid annually recognizes the Best Composition, Best Band, Best Male and Female Solo Artists, and Best Production. MacNaughton’s “Charlevoix Keepsake” won Best Composition in the United States. Music Aid offers award winners international support in developing their careers.