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Aquinas College Holds Dedication of Sculpture, A Gift From the Wege Foundation - Nov 12, 2001

November 12, 2001 - GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, (November 12, 2001) - The dedication of the sculpture "Synergic Creation" was held on Tuesday, November 12, at the Aquinas College Jarecki Center for Advanced Learning, 159 Woodward Lane, S.E. The copper sculpture, created by Sister Maura Behrenfeld, F.S.E. (Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist), was a gift to the College from the Wege Foundation. The public is welcome to visit Jarecki Center and enjoy the beauty and creativity of the sculpture. There is seating around the sculpture for those who want to enjoy a quiet moment reflecting or studying the many fine details of the sculpture. The Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sister Maura, Director of the Integrated Learning Experiences Program at the Franciscan Life Process Center in Lowell states that the theme of the art piece is stewardship. She goes on to explain, "I see plants and insects naturally portraying the interrelatedness that stewardship calls forth. Although I have gained new insights about the mystery and miracle of created matter through this project, what I have come to know in a deeper way is the meaning of relationship. Synergy means working together and bringing forth life. Everything in God's creation is about relationship. My prayer is that 'Synergic Creation' will continue to foster relationships for many years to come."

"Synergic Creation" is a 5? foot high by 5-foot round copper sculpture set on a 2-foot high steel case with granite seating around the outer circumference. The sculpture consists of brazed copper plants and insects set into a 3/8-inch textured copper plate. The interrelationship between size, shape, texture and subject matter within the sculpture promoted the theme of stewardship and further insights about principles of relationship and complementarity.

After receiving a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at Western Washington University, Bellingham, Sister Maura worked as an engineering draftsman in Seattle. She then moved to Connecticut and worked in advertising at Franciscan Graphics and Corporate Services. In 1993 she moved Lowell and received her teaching certificate and master degree in curriculum and instruction at Calvin College. Since graduating from Calvin, Sister Maura has been in her current position at the Franciscan Life Process Center. The Integrated Learning Experiences Program she directs is a program for children and adults utilizing the arts to learn about nature. She has been a freelance artist since 1978 specializing in illustration, mural painting and sculpture work.