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December 10, 2001 - GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, (December 10, 2001) - Aquinas College won one out of only five "Outstanding Delegation" awards at the American Model United Nations Conference in Chicago, November 17-20. Aquinas participated with approximately 1000 college-students from 100 college and universities across the country and around the world.

Aquinas had one of the largest groups present with 38 members representing four different countries: Israel, Spain, Vietnam, and Slovakia. The team representing Israel won the designation of "Outstanding Delegation" the members of the team included: Marquise Blakeslee, Niki Warchola, Elitza Nicolaou, Matt Blakely, Andrew Wilson, Andrew Demshuk, and Brad Clegg.

In addition, Aquinas students earned group awards, one "Outstanding Delegate" award was presented to the Second Committee, Niki Warchola and Andrew Wilson; and another "Outstanding Delegate" went to Permanent Representative and Historical Security Council of Israel, Marquise Blakeslee.

"American Model United Nations is a great experience to participate in. Portraying Israel on the Historic Security Council 1956 allowed me the opportunity to learn the art of politics first hand. The entire Israeli committee did a great job this year, as well as the other delegations that

Aquinas College represented. Representing Israel was a challenge, and I am honored to have had the chance to do it successfully," said senior Marquise Blakeslee.

The American Model United Nation Conference is one of the top five major collegiate programs in the country. The program is designed to bring college and university students together to role-play as delegates from their assigned countries. Delegates are judged on their ability to accurately portray their country's policies and positions on a number of important issues. Competition is also based on student use of diplomatic skills including negotiation, conflict resolution and debate.

Dr. Roger Durham, Associate Professor of Political Science and Dr. Kris Lou, Assistant Dean of International Programs and Cultural Studies taught the Model United Nations course and prepared the delegates for competition.

Dr. Durham stated, "This year's Model United Nations team did an outstanding job. All of the students worked very hard preparing to assume delegate responsibilities in articulating their specific country's policies. Their ability to interact diplomatically was very satisfying to me. We had a great time and learned a significant amount about compromise, negotiation and international issues!"