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November 23, 2009 - A Service of Lessons and Carols is a tradition in many churches around the world. The readings and songs vary depending on whether or not the service is before Christ's birth or during the twelve days of Christmas. Aquinas' Service of Lessons and Carols: Scripture and Story is on Sunday, December 6, 3 p.m., at Mayflower Congregational Church of Christ, 2345 Robinson Road SE.

The service will open with the Aquinas Chamber Choir, College Chorus and Valenti Handbell Ensemble performing "From Heaven Above to Earth I Came by J.S. Bach (arrangement by Michael Burkhardt). Barbara Witham McCargar, chairperson of the Music Department will read the opening prayer followed by the Honorable Reverend George Heartwell, who will be the reader of the first lesson, Lesson I – Genesis 3:8-15. The reading will be followed by the Chamber Choir singing "Now the Heavens Start to Whisper" by Nicholas Palmer. Other readers include Ed Balog, president; Cynthia Talbert, staff assistant in the registrar's office; Marty Fahey, director of college relation; John Kalinowski, president of student senate; Kate Davis, manager of advancement strategies; Ellen Satterlee, board of trustees and executive director of the Wege Foundation; Michael Keller, vice president of planning and research; and Heidi Hertel, director of youth choirs at Mayflower Church;

The following musical groups from Aquinas are taking part in the service: Chamber Strings, Stephen Redmon, director; Valenti Handbell Ensemble, Stephanie Wiltse, director; Chamber Choir, Larry G. Biser, conductor and William Marfink, accompanist; Chorus, Matthew J. Olson, director and William Marfink, accompanist. Jonathan Tuuk, Music Director at Mayflower, will also be the accompanist on some of the selections.

For additional information, please call 632-2413 or visit the Music Department Web site.