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July 12, 2010 - July 14 through 26, Kathy Kremer, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology, will kayak the length of the Grand River as a participant in a journey to support responsible use of the waterway.

Kremer will participate in the Grand River Expedition, an event organized by the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club that will include a team of scientists, historians, environmental professionals,community leaders, government representatives and others who will kayak or canoe the 225 navigable miles of the river. Along the way, the expedition will identify problems threatening the river to find solutions, and will give presentations to inform communities about the importance of the waterway.

Involved in the planning of events for the lower Grand River portion, Kremer will be responsible for organizing activities for the last two days of the journey as the paddlers progress toward Lake Michigan. The students of her Communities and Watersheds summer course will be joining her for one day of paddling with the expedition. In addition, Kremer will share her observations, photos and video of the trip on her blog and through the Grand Haven Tribune.

With a length of some 260 miles, the Grand River is the state’s longest river. Its watershed includes 18 counties, and it has an important impact on many mid-Michigan communities. The Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club invites those interested to join the expedition.

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