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March 13, 2002 - (March 13, 2002) -- Joseph White, the interim president of the University of Michigan, will speak at Aquinas College on Tuesday, April 2, 2002, as the sixth lecturer in the annual Wege Foundation Speaker Series program. The speech, presented in Aquinas' Wege Center Ballroom, begins at 4 p.m. The public is invited to attend, but space is limited.

White's talk, entitled Pollution to Solution: Environmentalists and Business Join Forces, explores the collaborative challenges that lie ahead for environmentalists and business leaders Just a decade ago, White says, business and environmentalists were strangers, eyeing each other with distrust and suspicion. Now, he warns, a sustainable future cannot be achieved without the deep involvement of business in pollution prevention, energy conservation and remediation of past environmental degradation.

White became interim president on January 1, following his appointment last fall by the University's Board of Regents. As former dean of Michigan's Business School, White launched a number of institutes and initiatives, including the Erb Environmental Management Institute (EEMI) and the Corporate Environmental Management Program (CEMP).

EEMI provides a physical and intellectual bridge between business management and environmental sciences that brings together diverse disciplines to develop a sustainable design for the new economy. CEMP is an award-winning joint master's program offered by the Business School and the School of Natural Resources and Environment that prepares organizational leaders for sustainable enterprise.

The Wege Foundation Speaker Series, established by Peter M. Wege in 1997, was created to focus greater attention on the important issues that affect the global community, the environment and human spirituality. In his book Economicology: The Eleventh Commandment, Wege refers to the inseparable six E's of human survivability: economics, environment, ecology, ethics, empathy and education. The Speaker Series serves as a forum for discussion of solutions to the problems facing planet Earth.