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Student Profile: Samuel Klee

Samuel Klee ’16 started off his college career with a bang. It did not take him long to take initiative and begin reaping the benefits that often come with attending a small college. Klee started a new student organization, Think!, in which students can converse freely about issues ranging from politics to philosophy. He also writes for and is a contributing editor at the Intercollegiate Review all while pursuing a double major in history and theology with a journalism minor.

Dr. John Pinheiro, Aquinas Associate Professor of History, introduced Klee to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) last fall, and suggested starting an ISI student club at Aquinas. Klee loved this idea and began taking the necessary steps to making this a reality. “[I] worked with Aquinas students, faculty, staff, and the regional ISI representative to get the club off the ground,” said Klee. “The club, Think!, works to spread understanding and appreciation for America’s founding principles through thoughtful dialogue on contemporary political, economic, cultural, and philosophical issues.” The club was approved last spring, and Klee has been busy coming up with exciting ideas for the club’s fall semester.

Klee’s involvement with Think! quickly led to further opportunities. After reading some of his pieces, an ISI representative recommended Klee to the associate editor of the Intercollegiate Review. “He approached me this April,” Klee said, “offering me a position to blog with IR and appear as a contributing editor. I was honored by the opportunity and readily accepted.”

This publication covers a wide variety of topics. “The Intercollegiate Review is a magazine that promotes principles consistent with a free society, explaining and applying the fundamental values of American liberty,” said Klee. “Contributors include students, independent scholars, professors, and ISI employees, who write on a wide variety of topics.”

While the editor will occasionally assign him a specific story, Klee said he typically has the freedom to write on topics of his choice, ranging from politics to religion, technology to literature. Because this is so broad, Klee notes that it can be a challenge to keep the topics interesting but he believes that this is what makes such opportunities exciting. “My first post with IR was picked up by National Review,” said Klee, “which was a welcomed surprise. It’s a great platform for students to be heard in larger conversations alongside an assortment of very prominent figures.”

Klee is not sure what career path he wants to follow just yet, but knows that writing will be involved whatever his choice. He realizes his options are open and has considered everything from teaching to public relations, both careers in which his exceptional writing skills will prove useful and absolutely necessary. Klee is confident that his involvement with IR and the Aquinas Marketing & Communications Department has and will continue to prepare him for life beyond college.

“I believe that the Aquinas faculty and staff have played an invaluable role in my success thus far. They are very approachable, always willing to give feedback and help students reach their goals,” said Klee. “My involvement with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and IR may not have been possible without the guidance and support of professors, and I’m quite grateful to them all.”

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