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Wittgenstein Imitated Badly:  A contest for Aquinas students, faculty and staff.

The winner of our Wittgenstein Imitated Badly contest, by vote of the CA310 students, is Casey Thomas. Casey received a copy of the graphic novel Logicomix as his prize. Congratulations, Casey!


His winning entry:
"I want to play a game; that is to say that there is a game I want to play. However it is a different sort of game, which is to say that it is not the same as a normal sort of game. It will not be played to win but to be more and more successful; this means you’re going to lose but you’ll be able to tell your friends that they suck compared to you so you win anyways. The game therefore is a contradiction so it does not exist. Therefore, Tetris does not and yet does exist. Game over?"

Student Publications

We have five published researchers from the Aquinas College Department of Mathematics!

These are top, refereed journals and the math department is proud to see the benefits of the Mohler-Thompson summer research grants paying off so quickly. View the cover of Involve to learn more about Nate and Laura's articles. Involve (pdf)
Undergraduate Research/Conference

The Summer 2011 Mohler-Thompson researchers, Ian Hart and Megan Ternes, presented this year in the Math Club at the Aquinas Mohler-Thompson Poster Session.  Megan also showed off her work at the Van Andel’s annual undergraduate conference in 2011.

Actuarial Association
Our past Math Club president Andrew Borgman became our latest student to pass the P Actuarial exam and the first to receive his reimbursement from the Sr. Mary Catherine Brechting OP Fund. This highly competitive exam costs just under $200. The Aquinas College Department of Mathematics supports students interested in Actuarial Science with its Aquinas Actuarial Association which keeps track of old exams and sets up professor/student study groups.
Internet Security Minor

The Math Department has created a CIS/Math minor in internet security. The unusual math components are a Math and Technology seminar where students learn to program in Maple and other technological packages, Number Theory and Modern Cryptography which builds on Number Theory to study the current internet security standard, RSA and its rivals for the next standard. We also study the ways to hack RSA and its rivals.

Outstanding Senior Awards 20113
Senior Awards





Graduating senior Megan Ternes was honored as the Mathematics Department's Outstanding Senior for the 2012-2013 academic year.


Congratulations Megan!