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Math is Never Boring!
  • Five of the outstanding senior award winners in 2014 were math majors!
  • Professor Ciganik continues expanding community relationship with William C. Abney to benefit both AQ students and WCA students.
  • Drs. Fox and McDaniel have Mohler-Thompson research grants for summer 2014. Dr. Fox is working with Krystin Dreyer on algebraic topology and Dr. McDaniel is working with Kyle Jansens on knot theory.
  • Junior AQ student, Noah Davis, has his paper set to appear in the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Journal. He plans to finish the elliptic case of squaring the circle this summer and present his work at the Pi Mu Epsilon conference in Portland, Oregon in August 2014.
  • Professors Ciganik and McDaniel along with Dean Clatterbuck, have a grant from the DeVos Foundation to develop a summer math experience built for reducing summer learning loss and while providing a college-experience for inner-city Grand Rapids Public School students.
  • Math majors provided 400+ hours of free mathematic tutoring to AQ students during the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • Game days are a fun, social way for students to gather in the math suite and play games. Hosted by Dr. Joe Spencer, the following is a loyal one that love to try new strategic board games. You do not need to be a math major to enjoy this!
  • Mathematics professors are involved outside of the department. Dr. Jasho Ghosh writes for the Saint and attends classes in other disciplines, while others are involved in student clubs, Mass and Rosary, student retreats.
  • Mathematician, Professor, Statistician and Actuary – Top four jobs as stated by Career Post could be yours by obtaining a degree in mathematics from Aquinas College! We have alumni in these positions!
Student Publications

We have five published researchers from the Aquinas College Department of Mathematics!

These are top, refereed journals and the math department is proud to see the benefits of the Mohler-Thompson summer research grants paying off so quickly. View the cover of Involve to learn more about Nate and Laura's articles. Involve (pdf)
Actuarial Association
Our past Math Club president Andrew Borgman became our latest student to pass the P Actuarial exam and the first to receive his reimbursement from the Sr. Mary Catherine Brechting OP Fund. This highly competitive exam costs just under $200. The Aquinas College Department of Mathematics supports students interested in Actuarial Science with its Aquinas Actuarial Association which keeps track of old exams and sets up professor/student study groups.
Internet Security Minor

The Math Department has created a CIS/Math minor in internet security. The unusual math components are a Math and Technology seminar where students learn to program in Maple and other technological packages, Number Theory and Modern Cryptography which builds on Number Theory to study the current internet security standard, RSA and its rivals for the next standard. We also study the ways to hack RSA and its rivals.

Outstanding Senior Awards 2015
Senior Awards





Senior Awards
Graduating Senior Noah Davis was honored as an Outstanding Senior for the 2014-2015 academic year. Congratulations, Noah!   Graduating Senior Jacquelyn Gipe was honored as an Outstanding Senior for the 2014-2015 academic year. Congratulations, Jacquelyn!