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Why can’t profitable business be good for the environment and society? At Aquinas College, we’re redesigning old business models and challenging conventions to envision a whole new system of commerce - one that produces value, restores and enhances the natural world, creates new jobs and strengthens our communities for generations.
Our Master of Sustainable Business program develops visionaries who not only refuse to compromise but also that have the ability to direct organizations to a profitable and sustainable future.

Not only will you work in intimate classroom settings building long-lasting relationships with cutting-edge professors, you will also envision the business world of tomorrow on our 107-acre wooded campus that continually connects and inspires you with the natural world. The skills you develop in our graduate program will help you lead the redesign of  an ever-changing business model, making you more valuable and competitive for the future. No other program in the country offers this unique focus on sustainable business.

The sustainable business movement is already underway across the world and has notable West Michigan roots with companies such as Steelcase, Wolverine World Wide, and Herman Miller. Find out how you can lead the way with a Master of Sustainable Business from Aquinas College.
Graduate Testimonial

Graduate Testimonial


As a graduate student in Aquinas College's MSB program, learning about sustainable business practices in the classroom resulted in increased knowledge. However, traveling to Costa Rica, and viewing sustainable businesses of all shapes and sizes firsthand, resulted in experiences of a lifetime and development of a much deeper level of knowledge and understanding of the many challenges facing our world today.


- Terri Piersma, MSB 2013
Costa Rica Trip, 2012


Program Overview

Our Master of Sustainable Business degree is just as revolutionary as the re-envisioned  business model we’re showing you how to transform. While other programs try to adjust the existing business structure, at Aquinas we believe the key to sustainable business lies in an entirely new approach - one that is community-focused, and that delivers  positive results for individual businesses.


As first in the nation, the 12-course, 2-year program integrates science, commerce  and environmental studies to prepare business leaders for the new economy. We’ll outline the problems of business today; discuss the alternative of a durable, nature-based economic model; and highlight the competitive advantages for those businesses and communities that choose to move toward a sustainable model. Graduates will become the new leaders, generating new products, practices and policies that foster a sustainable economy.


Our goal at Aquinas College is to provide graduate students  with an education that outlines the current problems of business, uncovers a durable, nature-based economic model that will yield only positive outcomes, and highlights the competitive advantages for businesses and communities that participate in such a sustainable model.

Like all our programs at Aquinas, we deliver graduates  who, although familiar with conventional business approaches, have a greater understanding of what is needed to address our deepest environmental, social and business problems. Graduates of the Aquinas MSB will possess the expertise to confidently direct businesses toward a meaningful and profitable transition to sustainable business.
Is an MSB Right for Me?
As the sustainable business movement evolves, companies of all sizes and types are seeking sustainable business graduates from Aquinas College to fill internships, job openings, and consulting positions designed to guide their businesses toward sustainability.
Our Master of Sustainable Business degree gives you the formal credential along with the skill that will set you apart from others, making you uniquely qualified for today’s market and beyond. Forward-thinking employers will recognize your ability to orchestrate their business through its transformation toward sustainability. With such a valuable education experience, you can take organizations down a profitable road of   solutions that will potently align businesses with our entire natural community.
Employee-Business-Community Advantages
Graduates of the program will clearly understand the relevancy and vital components of sustainable business and will be able to take a leadership role inside a variety of existing business organizations that have committed to the sustainable movement.
Principles and practices of sustainability are applicable for virtually every type of organization – extractive, processing, manufacturing, and service; sole proprietorships to multinational companies; for-profit and non-profit; and all levels of government. A graduate of this program is qualified for productive employment in any of these sectors.

Our Master of Sustainable Business program outlines the current problems of business today, uncovers a durable, nature-based economic model that will yield only positive outcomes, and highlights the competitive advantages for businesses and communities that participate in such a sustainable model.

Graduates of the Aquinas MSB will possess the expertise to confidently direct businesses toward a meaningful transition to sustainable business, including how to function by triple top-line standards. Triple Top-Line, or TTL, pertains to three simultaneous requirements for any and all sustainable business processes – financial benefits for the organization, natural world benefits, and social benefits for the employees and the human community. Each part of the equation is of equal importance  to the success of the entire process and is ultimately required  for the transition to sustainable business as well as the continuation of future sustainable business.