Center for Diversity & Inclusion  

Meet the Diversity Assistants


Diversity Assistants serve as a resource by working in residential halls to create an inclusive AQ community and promote multicultural opportunities across campus.


Name: Ramil C.
Location: Woodward Area
Class standing: Junior
Major(s): Music and Business
Hometown: Redford, Detroit, Michigan
Aquinas Involvement: Aquinas Programming Board, Gay Straight Alliance
Interesting Fact: I write songs about any and everything for fun.
Why I want to be a Diversity Assistant: In order to help spread diversity awareness around campus and to make it a more inclusive environment for everyone.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Every moment at AQ is my favorite, even the bad ones, because they have helped shape me into the person I am now.


Name: Alyssa F.
Location: Sienna Area
Class standing: Junior
Major(s): Community Leadership and Communication
Hometown: Norway, Indiana
Aquinas Involvement: Resident Assistant, Student Ambassador, The Saint Sports Editor, Communication Club, Intramural Sports, and Across State Lines
Interesting Fact: I never wore the same pair of shoes to high school twice. I love shoes.
Why I want to be a Diversity Assistant: I think Aquinas really is a diverse place and it is important that everyone gets the college experience they desire. I wanted to be able to help coordinate different functions on campus and reach out to other students.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: The Service Learning Trip I took to Guatemala over this past spring break. It was so cool to go to another country and be immersed in the culture.


Name: Gerardo A.
Location: Regina Area
Class standing: Sophomore
Major:  Sustainable Business
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Aquinas Involvement: Cheerleading Team, Gay Straight Alliance
Interesting Fact: I have been told that I make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.
Why I want to be a Diversity Assistant: To promote difference that is found not only at Aquinas but around the world; to assist Aquinas College in providing a safe atmosphere to all types of individuals regardless of their gender, religion, sexual orientation, self-image, social class, income, race, ethnicity, and ability.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: One of my favorite memories at Aquinas is helping my friend Sam Hogan and Ben Frost build a giant snowman and heart on Valentine's Day next to the Academic Building.