Center for Diversity & Inclusion  

Peer Mentor Program: Meet Our Mentors


Name: Gabriella W.
Class Standing: Senior
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Sterling Heights, Mich.
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Latino Student Association
Interesting fact: I have a fear of swimming in small lakes but not the ocean.
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want to let minorities at Aquinas know that there are other minorities here! I didn't really know there were more than a handful of minorities on campus until I got to know other people and joined L@SA. I want to be able to also share my knowledge I've learned about making the most out of my few college years to those who don't really know what they're doing, like me my first year.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Hanging out with my friend Rae and all of Susan Haworth-Hoeppner's classes.


Name: Jacqueline P.
Class Standing: Sophomore
Major: Biology
Hometown: Inkster, Mich.
Aquinas Involvement: Resident Assistant for Regina Hall and a member of Student Support Services.
Interesting Fact: I love to dance.
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want to be a peer mentor because I love to help people and give them advice, and I would like to make a change in someone's life and deter them from mistakes I have made in the past.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Being the 1st place winner of the SAC Talent Show on campus.


Name:  Monelle B.
Class Standing: Senior
Major:  Art History
Hometown: I was raised in Marlboro, Massachusetts but I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Lacrosse
Interesting Fact: I've lived in four different states and I'm a first generation American!
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: Because I was in the peer counselor in high school and I absolutely loved it. I have always enjoyed meeting people and getting to know them and relating to them.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: The last night of the lacrosse team's trip to nationals last year. We all bonded in a way we never had all season and it made us closer as friends and teammates, just pulling pranks on each other and staying up until 4 a.m. talking and laughing.


Name: Mollie L.
Class Standing: Sophomore
Major: Athletic Training and minoring in Spanish.
Hometown: Matteson, Ill. (A suburb of Chicago)
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: CAVA, Athletic Training Club, and a member and the treasurer of the AQ Stars.
Interesting Fact: I'm a huge film-buff and have actually been to a couple of movie sets.
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want to be able to make my fellow students' transition into college a fun and exciting one. I want to be able to provide a helping hand to guide peers who are struggling through a tough situation. If you ever see me around campus or need help with anything, don't be afraid to say hi or ask for help. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: When I went with CAVA to make baby blankets with the Dominican Sisters of Marywood. All of the sisters had so many crazy and interesting stories to share with us. We all had so much fun together.


Name: Peter S.
Class Standing: Senior
Major: Communication and Business
Hometown: Augusta, Ga.
Aquinas Clubs/Sports: V.I.B.E. (Voices Inspiring Blacks Everywhere), Sports Management Club, and the basketball team
Interesting Fact: One of my hobbies is meeting new people; at Aquinas this not very hard because there is such a variety of people to meet.
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: Coming in as a freshmen I was overwhelmed with college and all the extra free time did not help because it caused me to procrastinate. I want to help those incoming freshmen get a good start on their college career, teach them how to use their time productively, and let them know they will always have someone to talk to.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: My first year at Aquinas I was too lazy to walk around campus so I bought a cheap bike which threw me over the handle bars. I later found out the bike was meant for a certain weight limit and it let me know this numerous times, but the problem was solved when it was stolen the next day it threw me off.


Name: Robert B.
Class Standing: Fifth year senior
Major: Theatre
Hometown: Detroit, Mich.
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: V.I.B.E, BRAVO, Student Support Services, Center for Diversity & Inclusion, and GSA
Interesting Fact: I'm an adventure addict and leader with tons of energy, a creative mind, and a vast and vivid imagination
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I have stories and experiences to tell that I'm sure will ease the minds of incoming Aquinas students and help bridge the transition from high school to college.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Either long nights bonding with friends over movies and studying or taking trips with different organizations to places I have never been to before and learning new things.