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Peer Mentor Program

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Meet Our Mentors
Iris Torres

Name: Iris Torres
Class Standing: Sophomore 
Major: Pre-Med (Biology), Spanish minor
Hometown: Grandville, Mich.
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Vice President of Latin@ Student Association, Orientation Leader
Interesting fact: I'm terrified of deep water, but I love the beach. 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want to make sure that all the minorities on campus feel at home at Aquinas. It's a great place to be and a great place to be involved regardless of your background. Everyone here is given an opportunity. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: When I got to meet President Olivarez. It was such an amazing opportunity and it made me proud to be a SAINT. 

Brenda Tamez

Name: Brenda Tamez
Class Standing: Sophomore
Major: Accounting, International Business 
Hometown: Holland, Mich.
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: AQPB, Habitat for Humanity, French Club
Interesting fact: Fluent in English and Spanish and looking forward to being fluent in French. 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I like helping people and being able to create a comfortable environment. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: The blind fold make-up challenge with my friends.

Maria Moon

Name: Maria Moon
Class Standing: Sophomore
Major: International Business
Minor: Economics
Hometown: Suwon, South Korea
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: CAVA, College Chorus, Habitat for Humanity
Interesting fact: I love music and learning new cultures. I know three different languages.
Why I want to be a peer mentor: I want to show how we have many diverse groups on this campus, and I want to help them adjust well and enjoy this community like I did.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Freshman orientation was my best memory at Aquinas. I met so many new good friends and it just made me love this campus more.

Aaron Campbell

Name: Aaron Campbell
Class Standing: Sophomore
Major: Communication
Hometown: Swartz Creek, Mich.
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Orientation Leader
Interesting fact: I'm learning to play the piano. 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I enjoy helping others and I am a firm believer of equality. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: The first time I came to visit my roommate/suite mates, before I transferred into AQ. 

Kailie West

Name: Kailie West
Class Standing: Junior
Majors: English Language Arts (Elementary Education), Community Leadership 
Hometown: Kentwood, Mich.
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Writing Center Consultant, Education Club, Student Ambassador
Interesting fact: I’ve been skydiving! I am super adventurous so it was an amazing experience. 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I love helping others and making them feel welcome and supported. Having others who have been through similar situations to lean on and build a relationship with is so important. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas:  I will never forget my service-learning trip to New Orleans. Spending time with a diverse group of AQ students and working together in a local New Orleans school and community was so fulfilling and exciting

Kristina Kingsbury

Name: Kristina Kingsbury
Class Standing: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Muir, Mich.
Aquinas Clubs/ Organizations: Metropolitan Andrey Septytsky Fellowship, AQ Astronomy Club, Psychology Club, AQ Light, Pre-Health Club
Interesting fact: I'm a book junkie
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I remember my first year at Aquinas. I didn't get the full experience. I want to help freshman get involved on campus and have the best experiences possible.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: My first freshman sleepover in Regina. I met two girls who lived on the floor above me and we became so close we spent the entire weekend together after Wake Up People (now called Refresh Yourself). That's the night I knew I belonged at AQ.