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EXCEL Mentor Program

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Meet Our Mentors
Natalie Henley

Name: Natalie Henley

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Pentwater, MI

Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Knitting Club, Keeping Bees, Education Club, Saints Crew, "Express Yourself" LLC

Interesting Fact: I love dancing

Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want to make sure an incoming freshman has the same great first year experience as I did.

Favorite memory at Aquinas: Orientation

Marielena Heurta

Name: Marielena Huerta

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Spanish and Community Leadership

Hometown: Lynwood, California

Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: AQPB and VIBE

Interesting fact: I'm fluent in Spanish and English, and I love to draw.

Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I would like to help and give back. Also I want to share my experience with the upcoming freshman and make their transition into college easier. 

Favorite memory at Aquinas:  When I went on the CDI multicultural retreat.

Alexander Hohmann

Name:  Alexander Hohmann

Class Standing:  Senior

Major:  Political Science

Minor: Communication

Hometown:  Cologne, Germany

Aquinas Clubs/Organizations:  AQ Republicans

Interesting fact:  I moved to the U.S. on my own when I was 17 years old.   

Why I want to be a Peer Mentor:  I like to help people and I feel it is important for students to have a peer contact who's been through the same situation.  I can relate to challenges others might face when transitioning to college and moving out from home.  

Favorite memory at Aquinas:  Moving into my dorm room and meeting my roommates. This started a complete new chapter of my life.

Maria Moon

Name: Maria Moon
Class Standing: Sophomore
Major: International Business
Minor: Economics
Hometown: Suwon, South Korea
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: CAVA, College Chorus, Habitat for Humanity
Interesting fact: I love music and learning new cultures. I know three different languages.
Why I want to be a peer mentor: I want to show how we have many diverse groups on this campus, and I want to help them adjust well and enjoy this community like I did.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Freshman orientation was my best memory at Aquinas. I met so many new good friends and it just made me love this campus more.

Kimy Patzy

Name: Kimy Patzy

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: International business and Spanish

Minor: Japanese

Hometown: La Paz, Bolivia

Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Casa Hogar Club

Interesting Fact: Yoga is my passion. 

Why I want to be a peer mentor: I want to help those of diverse backgrounds feel welcomed, supported, and give them the full AQ experience.

Favorite Memory at Aquinas: Winter season at Aquinas because the campus looks like a winter wonderland - It was a memorable time for my friends and I.

Jackie Phillips

Name: Jackie Philips

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Biology (Pre-Med)

Hometown: Inkster, MI

AQ Clubs/Organizations: Tri-Beta, AED (Pre-Med)

Interesting Fact: I love the show "I Love Lucy" and Charlie Brown/Snoopy

Why I want to be a peer mentor: I like to make people feel special and comfortable while creating a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Favorite Memory at Aquinas: Meeting my best friend.

Taylor Pitts

Name: Taylor Pitts

Class Standing: Junior
Major: Athletic Training
Hometown: Detroit, Mich
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Athletes in Action, VIBE, Track & Field
Interesting fact: I want to become an ATC, but I hate going to the trainers.
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want to help incoming students have a comfortable transition at Aquinas.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Traveling to Gulf Shores, Alabama with the track team was an amazing experience.

Brenda Tamez

Name: Brenda Tamez
Class Standing: Sophomore
Major: Accounting, International Business 
Hometown: Holland, Mich.
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: AQPB, Habitat for Humanity, French Club
Interesting fact: Fluent in English and Spanish and looking forward to being fluent in French. 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I like helping people and being able to create a comfortable environment. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: The blind fold make-up challenge with my friends.